With grateful thanks to @Derphuntar on Twitter, the moment comes down to this, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Let’s talk about value for money in Azeroth.


There’s an insidious trend in modern life: stuff is shrinking. This is especially true with UK chocolate bars, which have very much stopped being just chocolate and are now supplemented with a dizzying array of fillings. Pure chocolate is considerably thinner than it ever was, and in many cases tastes noticeably different to boot. There’s a good reason for this: cocoa is becoming increasing scarce and is production is singularly unable to keep up with demand. Therefore, stuff has to change, but you still get to pay more because, you know, these guys have to make a profit somehow. Except, in at least one notable case, things aren’t getting smaller, they’re just getting bigger.

Loading screen awesome :D

Welcome to Azeroth, where you have TEN YEARS worth of content at your disposal in one handy download. If you’re worried a lot of it isn’t relevant content, FEAR NOT because Blizzard have finally taken it upon themselves to begin updating it so that it is relevant in multiple instances (no pun intended) The fact remains, the costs for the game if you take a sub are pretty decent regardless if what you believe paying for a computer game should cover:

At present, a packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK costs £8.74. 
One cinema ticket in a typical London location will cost you £11.29
You could buy almost two McDonalds Quarter Pounder meals for £9.38

… and I could go on. The point is this. Even buying six month’s subscription in one hit is incredible considering the range of content that is available to you, spreading out over a decade now, and covering a vast wealth of potential pursuits and directions. If you really think that QQ-ing on Forums because you’ve got nothing to do is the answer, I think that maybe it’s time to just cancel that sub and walk away, because you are missing a basic and frankly often-ignored point. Organisations such as Blizzard provide you with a means to obtain entertainment, just as a movie has the opportunity to engage you or a book might be so good you’ll want to read it again. This however is not a one way street. To truly understand or appreciate something, you have to willingly give a piece of yourself into the equation. To grasp the experience, you must at some point become a part of it.

If you’re not willing to do this?

Have Fun Y’all!

One thought on “What Have You Done for Me Lately

  1. So I'm going to throw an idea out there for you to noodle on (and I feel like I may have my own blog post coming on this) but here it is. Activision / Blizzard views Warcraft as a “cash cow” not as an engine for future growth, so they're doing everything they can to just “milk” that cow. Now keep in mind, I'm just talking purely from a business perspective, not from the perspective of the game. There may be lots of new and exciting things coming in the game environment, but those may be getting done in a cost efficient way and with the added purpose of continuing to make the cash generation side of the business as efficient as possible.

    The idea here is that I want to continue to make the business line as efficient as possible and continue to improve its ability to generate cash, but I'm not going plunk significant new or expansion capital into something that I'm treating like a cash cow.

    Now that doesn't mean that I'm not going to invest in that business at all – I need to keep that cow generating cash – and sometimes continuing to improve its efficiency and cash generation ability requires some investment. It's just not where the bulk of my investment, or frankly my attention, would be going.

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