There’s a reason this meme’s been so popular… ^^ 

There’s a lot of salt on Social Media at present. If you’re not aware of the use of the word in current parlance?

The ayes have it :P

The anger seems to fall into two distinct camps: those who think that 6.2.3 is not enough, and those who think people like me should shut up and be nice, because whenever Blizzard announce anything? We become a bunch of whiny, cry babies on social media who simply find a reason to complain because that’s just what we do. Yeah, about that?

If you actually take the time to read my post yesterday, you’ll see I won’t be taking up raiding to get a Moose. I’m here first today to point out that if an individual believes something is lacking, pointing that out is perfectly acceptable. What does also seem to have come out of yesterday’s quite animated discussion regarding this Patch is that many people think that plot really is secondary to just getting rewards. Now I’ll grant you, this is a game, and that means there’s a way to play it and win. Except hang on, everybody knows there isn’t just one way to do that in MMO’s. That’s not how this works, you keep playing for a decade and never truly reach the end, just keep beating stuff and walking a path… but then I have to ask, why exactly are you playing to begin with? I raided for many years, it’s not like I don’t understand the mentality set that’s associated with this, and after all that time I’ve grasped that you need to be able to tell others what you think they’re doing wrong so that everyone can get it right.

The trouble at present is that an increasing number of people don’t like to hear or see this happen.

So you define ‘criticism’ HOW, exactly?

That whole ‘why did you take flying away’ debate seems to have become a tipping point for a lot of issues. Blizzard now won’t tell anyone what’s going on until they’re TOTALLY sure they can commit to it. A lot of players won’t entertain anyone having a ‘problem’ with anything that the designers present, especially if it re-introduces stuff they want back into game play. And I think I know (at least in part) why this is: I sense that these people now feel if there’s too much complaint, Blizzard will take those things wanted that others don’t away, and then everybody loses out. I actually gave up counting the number of people who told me to shut up yesterday, and yet that ‘opinionated’ blog post has been the single most read thing I’ve written for almost three months. It could be, quite possibly, that Blizzard have identified areas of game play where genuine differences of opinion lie. It’s also possible that players have now become so used to things happening a certain way, that it is impossible to imagine then happening otherwise.

Mostly, I sense a lot of people could do with taking a deliberate step backwards.

To those of you who don’t get the point.

In the end, I write here every day because that’s what I want to do. Every so often, as was the case yesterday, what I think is lucky enough to intersect with a large wave of current opinion. I didn’t sit down on Thursday morning and think to myself ‘oh I must write summat that’ll get thousands of people all riled up with emotion’ that just happened as a by-product of me making my point better than on most other days. Someone asked me yesterday why I bother writing at all when it seems so many people’s opinions get lost in the vastness of the player base’s spread and location, and the answer remains as it always has been. I write because I can. This time, I got lucky. Does it make the point I made any more or less relevant? Of course it doesn’t, but what it does do is make other people think about why they are here, and perhaps realise that their viewpoint isn’t just theirs alone. Belonging in a Community is really rather important. Everyone wants to be the cool secret agent the centre of attention sometimes, right?

Actually, no. But sometimes everybody wishes they weren’t the only person thinking what they do.

This is here because I like it.

Somebody asked me yesterday what it’s like to feel vindicated. As a point of order, if I was genuinely looking to feel that way, I’d be expecting a Blizzard Dev to write me a personal e-mail explaining why they’ve given up on plot completely in this Expansion. Because that would be a personal gesture, I’d not share it, and the feelings that resulted wouldn’t ever make it out into the Real World to begin with, and here’s the bigger point that needs to be made. I’m not here to be right, I’m here to have rights. If you don’t like what I say? Stop listening. If you don’t like the Blog? Don’t read it. If you think I’m polluting YOUR social media with ideas that are wrong? That’s what the Unfollow button is for. I have the right to speak because, as yet, my country does not restrict my ability to post on the Internet, and as long as that still exists I will be here, sharing my views and discussing the consequences. Does it matter that not one fucking thing changes because of this? NO. Am I being a part of the Community in the hope that Sensai Blizzard will notice me? FUCK NO. This is not my bid for an NPC because I ‘contributed’ or the hope I’ll somehow get a Community Spotlight, because that’s not why I keep making such a noise.

I do that because I can. And I’ll keep doing it until I decide it’s time to stop.

9 thoughts on “Misshapes

  1. I'm obviously spending most of my online life oblivious :p I never heard of “Salty” before .. other than as a description for bacon (mmmmm) .. and no-one can ever be sad if they have bacon. (okay .. some people can, but I'm pretending they don't count)

    I also didn't know we were getting another patch. Last time I saw something about the “next patch before Legion”, it was someone saying “nope, won't be one other than a pre-expansion one”. So anything is better than nothing :p

    The fact that I quite like all of those things introduced by the patch? I guess I'm just easily pleased. Okay .. I would have liked that moose mount .. but we've gone through plenty of expansions in the past where there was a mount locked behind a final boss somewhere, that I had no chance of getting .. I've made my peace with that and am pleased for those guys who can actually get it.

    I do agree that I have NO IDEA what or how the story is working at the moment .. I've felt distanced from the storyline and not part of it (probably akin to some grunt in an army rather than a key player … “go there, kill that” … “uhhh .. okay then … WHOP .. *hands in body parts*”)

    MoP had its negatives, but lack of story wasn't one of them and I felt invested .. Warlords not so much. But I still enjoy playing the game and the “new” stuff being brought in with this next patch will help my enjoy it more.

    I enjoy the Timewalking … not only for the mounts and transmog potential, and another way to upgrade heirlooms, but also because it has just sparked so many memories … I've been with the same guild and some of the same guild members for many years .. some of us remember doing these dungeons “for real” so it's cool going back to them. And even those of us who weren't together at the time all have their own stories about them. It's nice :-)

    Finally .. the additional gear upgrades .. the higher level drops from Baleful, Mythic dungeons and Valor Points … as someone mentioned on your previous post, we're a laid back casual guild still trugging through Normal HFC .. anything that makes that journey easier is a good thing. Plus we tend to have a steady drip of new people coming back to the game, plus loads of alts .. it is a (fairly) quick and easy way to get them geared so they can join in with raids, if they want.

  2. *Erm .. I hasten to add that when I referred to someone in a previous post, I don't know them .. I was just saying that our guilds are similar :p (well .. we might be in the same guild .. who knows .. that would be spooky!)

  3. People are saying you blog to get a NPC in game? That's a really crappy thing to say. I don't care how much you disagree with someone, that kind of comment is pure nasty.

  4. I will admit, your post yesterday did upset me. As did a whole lot of comments and posts on twitter and around the community. It was a massive wave of negativity and it was overwhelming. Having had time to reflect, it upset me because there were no positives in there at all. And that's fine – it's your blog, and it's other peoples' twitter accounts – say what you want. I just get frustrated at the blanket response of “this is shit so the whole game is shit” that some people have.
    For me, there's a lot of great stuff coming in 6.2.3 – no, it's not content, but it's the end of expansion so I'm not expecting content. What it is, is quality of life changes, and I'm really happy about that. So seeing walls and walls of “not good enough”, ” this is bullshit” from all over the internet made me feel like me being really excited about the changes was stupid and that I “didn't get it”.
    I understand why people are pissed. There are things that I'm pissed about too, even though they don't directly affect me. What I worry about is that this negativity coming from everywhere is damaging the community and overall damaging the game. People who are frustrated/annoyed with the game or just completely over it are really loud about their disgust, and if that's all anyone is hearing, that's what they're going to say and feel as well. People will agree (whether they believe it or not) that the game is crap because that's what everyone else is saying about it, and they leave. Or they create such a toxic environment that they cause other people to leave.

    I'm not saying that we should all hold hands around a campfire singing kumbaya – we absolutely should be critical of what isn't working, what we think could be done differently etc. But I don't think it needs to come in a wall of total negativity. Most of these changes coming through are related to raiding and attempting to bring back/re-grow the player base, and as an MMO, don't we want more players?

  5. Oh also – I was one of the people wanting a mount from the dungeons. I think there should always be a random mount drop in dungeons, especially when they're current. I don't like dungeons myself, but if there's a chance I could get a cool mount out of it it will lure me in! :)

  6. @Cinder: in the end, this is what I am. if I think something is stupid, I'll say so. I'm not going to pretend to like that same thing if I believe that by making an argument concerning why it could be better, it might change. So that's that that post was, and this is how I operate.

    I get people would like more positivity, but in the end I'd prefer it if everybody was just honest. Not just with the people who make their games, but with each other.

  7. I totally get that, and I fully support saying things are stupid when they are. Believe me I am all for honesty! Which is why I'm ok being honest with you on here :) For me, what I'm seeing in general (i.e. forums, blogs, twitter etc.) is that when an update comes along in WoW, if it doesn't directly benefit a particular person, they write that update off completely, without recognising or acknowledging that the content might actually benefit other people who play the game. And so it creates this constant environment of “everything sucks” when what it should be is “a big portion of this update was useless to me because it doesn't improve the way I play the game”. It's late and I can't articulate myself well – I just mean that not everything sucks is all. But there is plenty that can be fixed.

    I appreciate the response though. I enjoy reading/listening to your opinions, even though were are very different players of the game with different viewpoints. :)

  8. I've read your blogs recently, probably because I am curious what people are feeling about this latest patch.
    For me, I've been slowly stepping back from WoW as times go back. I still have my memories, but playing just isn't grabbing me. I have a hard time justifying my precious time playing when there isn't much at the end that “feels” worthwhile.
    I have zero interest to raid. I did that for 8 years. So I'm in the category of disappointment when content gets added to raids. It just seems strange to me to add something to raids that have already been out for months.
    I almost want to ask them, who's driving this bus? And where are we going? What's the overall direction, cause it sure doesn't make sense?

    Then I think, well…I can go do other things that make my limited time more worthwhile, and will do that. I want to enjoy my free time, doing whatever that might be.
    PS – I have the Garrosh wolf, and even then I thought it was pretty shitty to tie it then. I would prefer a special coloration to be mythic/heroic raid only, and a different once to be available to all that play during the time that the content is relevant at any level. But that's me.

  9. @Cinder .. I think that's one of the main things that annoys me. A lot of the negativity is biased (ie, from one person's point of view) and, because generally those with negative comments are more vocal than those with positive, you tend to hear a lot more of the negative.

    Don't get me wrong .. I realise the game isn't perfect .. but when virtually every tweet, facebook post, forum post and blog is complaining and focussing on the negative .. as if there was nothing at all worthwhile anymore in game .. then regardless of how I feel and how I view the game, some little bit of that negativity kinda drains some of the enjoyment out of it.

    I suppose most people would write off my opinions, in a way, because I'm one of these people who, on the whole, still enjoy playing the game. Because I'm part of the crowd who are actually quite happy just puttering along .. if there's a part of the game I don't like .. *shrugs* I have an army of alts and an interest in virtually every aspect of the game, so I just go find something else to do.

    I realise we're paying subs for it, but I still remember the time when I used to play a game, over and over again .. and it was virtually the same every time .. so I get rather pleased when I see updates and changes happening on a fairly regular basis :p

    I do understand that writing posts that are negative are more thought and comment provoking than writing positive posts … but it would be nice to have the occasional sprinkle of sweetness and light interspersed amongst the shadow :p

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