You just won’t leave it alone, will you? ^^ 

I have kopped a bit of flack this weekend suggesting that LFR has had its day, and I think I grasp some of the reasons why. There’s also clearly a significant number of people who are doing this as ‘raiding’ and believing that because 24 other people are with them, that it still counts as that particular flavour of content. Because, you know, anything more than 5 ‘is a raid.’ I *really* don’t want to be that person, but it is time for some cold, hard truths in this game. I’m not here to flaunt my ego at anybody, and I’m certainly not here to deny anyone the opportunity to complete content as they wish. But saying that LFR is raiding is like saying a pint of bitter with an umbrella and a slice of lemon is a cocktail. Yes, they’re both alcohol, and they both come in a glass, but really that’s where the similarity ends.
Blizzard need to stop ‘selling’ LFR as an acceptable substitute for anything that involves large scale co-ordination, and more importantly take Determination away as a crutch. Because the days of Training Wheels are gone, and it’s time everybody put their Big Person Pants on and started working. The problem is, an awful lot of people now depend on this as being their ‘raiding’, and there’s even more who clearly resent the fact that people like me can come along and suggest they need to work more for what they get. Because for all the people putting an effort into LFR, there’s also the people being carried, and trust me when I say to you I know how many of them there are. You can hide in 25 man really rather easily: not as much as you could in 40’s but it is still entirely possible, especially this late into the Expansion. And that means you’re leeching off other people’s good nature, which is just wrong on so many levels.
For all you good souls, there are those who don’t try, and I think its time this was stopped once and for all.

Time to remove the emotions. Possibly ^^

If LFR meant actual effort and co-ordination, it would immediately stop being what it has now become. The fact that the content can be so obviously cheesed led, in this Expansion, to a clear move by Blizzard to push people to grasp mechanics in far more visual ways than it has employed before, but for many people this now means their equipment simply can’t cope with the stuff that they’re presented with. I’m already hearing people conceding that actually, they won’t survive another Expansion without an upgrade, and this too is a cause of some concern. But mostly it has been Archimonde who has drawn the line in the sand: a brilliantly designed encounter in anything above LFR, which has had to be nerfed to the point where you could stick a cardboard cut-out of the boss in its place and just get DBM to tell people to randomly move and stop casting, and you’d have the same overall effect.
That is, if your LFR people know what DBM is to begin with.
The biggest single problem that remains in this game is that Blizzard cannot tell people how to play it. Millions therefore are free to define THEIR experience as they see fit, and if they think LFR is raiding? Well, however much I suggest otherwise, it doesn’t matter. If people are deluding themselves in an attempt to justify their playtime, that’s a bigger concern, and really not right or indeed healthy. I stopped raiding because it doesn’t matter if it’s lager or a margarita, I’m a raiding alcoholic. There, I said it. It makes me a different person, someone I don’t like any more, and because I want to love this game the way I do now and not destroy the enjoyment I now get, I walked away. Therefore, I am no longer interested or indeed care about what the 25’s offer, because I’m not going there. I know I can’t preach, but I see how this game makes people react, and when you suggest people might not be raiding properly and they respond by throwing rocks at me?
Time to take a step back.
Oh don’t you start as well Scully ^^

This game should be what you make of the content and not the other way around. You should be able to know your own limits and understand what’s healthy, but so many people simply see an ‘end’ that they want to reach and no other point in between. I’m here to suggest that actually, there comes a point where everything comes to a natural end, and that it might be an idea for more people to try and work out where that happens for them, rather than just keep going until you implode in a pile of frustrated aspirations. Whether you drink pints or shots, Raiding can be addictive, and as a result it can also be dangerous. Know your limits, and play responsibly, however you choose to define your experience.

Most importantly, know when it is time to walk away.

11 thoughts on “Good Souls

  1. I'm a fully paid up philosopher so people expect me to come out with stupid unintelligible crap so here goes: you can call a cat a dog, but you cannot make it bark. You can call LFR a raid and cling to the fact that the 'R' in 'LOLFR' stands for Raid (Retards?) but you can sustain the argument that LOLFR shares any similarity between that and what goes on elsewhere in the game and is called raid. LFR won't bark. Ahem.

    It's damaged other things as well. Not the things that Mythic raiders care about or are indeed effected by. It has eroded the supply of half decent players who would like to at least try raiding. Three reasons: they think they've done it in LFR, 2) LFR is cesspool, 3) Guild raiders are elitist Nazi's who want the impossible now that I'm 12 am at big school (or something).

    The other day Bonesai came here and raged and ranted against the hardcore, elitist Mythic raiders you and I both are Alt. His spirited defence of LFR wound up with:
    “And no – i don’t do LFR because it’s not what I want to do. I completed my Legendary and I don’t need to go back.”
    I know it's not what he meant, but it illustrates my argument that “If you listen to any “casual” defender of LFR after about 30 seconds two things become obvious: 1) they do it for the gear and 2) they really don’t want to do cooperative raiding. I agree, why make them?” (http://www.ragequitblog.com/2015/10/25/hes-hating-on-lfr-again/)

    Look this is an MMO, the bedrock of the game should be Massively Mulitplayer stuff. But variety is the spice of life. I have no object to “Single Player Content”. If the content is going to try to be multiplayer, make it good and if it's not make that good too!

    LFR is not good, fun content. Brace for impact captain!

  2. I agree 10000%. Unfortunately the typical response to any criticism of LFR or its effect on the game is “What effect does this have on you, a higher level raider? Let me do this easy content on my own.”

    It's unfortunate too – it makes the whole idea of raiding less appealing (what's the point of progressing through bosses if you can poke them and they fall over if you just click a different difficulty?), it makes other content less appealing (why run dungeons/dailies/crafting if I can get this gear from raids?) and it means that one of Blizzard's primary content outputs (raids) expire far faster than they ever have.

    Either LFR somewhat difficult or remove LFR and let people run it through Group Finder. Normal for PUGs, Heroic for casual raiders, Mythic for hardcore raiders. I know the frustration of queuing into a horrible LFR group, but I just have to believe there's a better solution than facerolling through time-gated LFR content every few months.

  3. I still enjoy LFR somewhat because it gives me the chance to see the instance while it's still current content and at least give me a basic understanding of the types of mechanics people are facing.

    I've also done the legendary questline, not because I care about the legendary item itself, but because for me, it's another piece of interesting content.

    If LFR goes away, I'll either go back to doing normals with my guild on alt nights, or just see it once it's no longer current and I can solo my way through it.

    I'm not going to get too excited either way. For me, it's just another thing to do.

  4. lol – “I don't think its raiding so you shouldn't do it”. It may not be, but again it is something some people to do and some people live on toxic servers, where the elite don't want you to play. At all. So it is better than nothing (not much, but it is).

    Its like me saying bloging isn't real journalism so you should not be allowed to do it anymore. THERE I SAID IT. Look how knowing some HTML tags makes stuff true.

    If people want to really raid, let them. If they want to pretend, who cares.

  5. “This game should be what you make of the content and not the other way around.”

    And yet here you are telling people that what they've made of the content is deluded because you don't agree with their personal definition.

    I wonder if people object to the suggestion of removing LFR or to the judgmental attitude you've used in making the comments.

  6. “If people want to really raid, let them. If they want to pretend, who cares.” I love repeating myself go to http://www.ragequitblog.com I repeat myself ALL THE TIME. From Twitter yesterday: 'That's fine but LFR is destructive and damaging to better content and systems. Otherwise I'd just shrug and say “Not for me.”'

    The argument only holds water if you say, for example, “Pet Battles needs to go.” answer: “I like it and it doesn't impact on any other part of the game.” this is a good argument. The same goes for the Farm in The Valley of Four Winds. It doesn't go for Garrisons that bear a large responsibility for the destruction of professions and LFR that has eroded guilds of all all flavours and flex and heroic take up: the very things it was designed to promoted. It has also forced the introduction of personal loot and vile cesspool of hate and intolerance where being obnoxious and doing nothing is rewarded with gear.

    “”This game should be what you make of the content and not the other way around.”

    And yet here you are telling people that what they've made of the content is deluded because you don't agree with their personal definition.”

    Not deluded just unhelpful. Here's the thing: World of Warcraft is an MMORPG, so I say this without hatred or any “judgmental (sic) attitude” if the MMO aspects of the game aren't for you and you want a single player experience that damages and undermines the MMO please go and find another game. By all means “create your own game” and “define what is the end game content for yourself”.

    Playing solo is possible in WoW, go for it, but defending content that undermines the cooperative, community aspects of the game simply because you want no part in them is unacceptable. The Greeks said “We do not say that a man who takes no interest in politics is a man who minds his own business; we say that he has no business here at all.” I think it's quite reasonable to argue that about the Massively Multiplayer in WoW.

  7. Maybe yours is Bonesai. I'll have more respect for what you can do if you can defend your position with denegrating your opponent or setting up straw men to beat down. You might want to google 'straw man', autodidact.

  8. 1) My guild is dead. There are three, maybe five active users online, ever. With us being all across the US, it's seldom that all of us are on at the same time.
    2) I am a dad in a fairly active family. Sitting down for 2-3 hours before 9PM is virtually impossible and highly unlikely. This means that the very first I could logon for a 'raid' would be midnight for those eastern guildies.

    So, this leaves me with basically three options. Not raid at all, find a pug normal raid or run LFR. At this time, I still enjoy the game, and have wanted to complete the legendary quest chain. It's why I spent 5 weeks getting my warlock to complete the Silver Proving grounds. So I could progress the darn thing and get into Heroics. During this time, I was only able to run LFR. Thinking about it, most Pugs (only really want bored mythic raiders) for BRF and HFC are going to have 'gear limits'. I have only JUST gotten my gear up to a i680 gear score, so most PUGs wouldn't even consider me for normal BRF or HFC until now.

    Sorry for being so casual of a player. When I grow up and become a legitimate WoW player, I can only hope to be able to raid with the big kids. Until then, can you please leave my LFR sandbox alone. It's already got enough cat droppings in there with all the “let's just wipe 5 more times for the determination buff” crowd. Sometimes, there are us players who have absolutely no other way to get into 'real' raids, but still pay our $15/month and want to see something.

    From my casual perspective, take away my LFR, I'd probably just unsub. My RL friends have already done so.

  9. Elkagorasa what surprises me most about you “older” players (me an Alt are both pushing 50 this is no secret) is your whiny tone and straw man arguments. I've yet to hear one person offer one argument that praises the content LFR has to offer. What I have heard is defensive excuses as why you can't do proper raiding.

    Look if you don't want to raid fine. However, don't hang onto LFR it's only positive contribution is better fulfilled by Flexible raiding. Furthermore the LFR cesspool is negatively effecting all other aspects of the game. I've yet to hear anyone argument meaningfully that they have any actually love for LFR and doing LFR with the other 24 fucktards/glorified NPCs/AFKers/trolls. What you love is gear and you may have it for me, in abundance, from better content.

    Stop crying about you life and not being able to raid. LFR isn't raiding, you don't want to raid, LFR is vile you don't like having to trawl it for charity epics and cat turds either, let it go. Let it die. Let's have more better content.

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