What have we learnt? 

Been an interesting couple of days, and I missed Azeroth, so yesterday I went and flew to places that normally give me comfort in difficult times, thinking long and hard about the notion of Community. This game has always been about two kinds of people: those that give and those that take, and for a while now there’s been a struggle to accurately categorise the two. Some people might argue you don’t want to put labels on anyone, but it helps sometimes to know what you’re dealing with. The problem is for a lot of people that when you tell them that you know what the problem is and they don’t like the suggestion you give? That’s a bigger issue. Mostly, it transpires you’re an insignificance anyway That’s the big one to grasp, folks: however significant or important you believe your problem is?

It’s really not.


This weekend, I will Timewalk my way a step closer towards a second mount. I’ll make gold, grind some claws for another Mount, and generally faff about. Then I’ll go do some levelling on the US alts… and that’s that. We’re a step closer to Legion with the latest Alpha build, and I’ll do my best to get to try the Broken Shore quest line when I know it will be busy and I can give the whole thing a fair airing. I’ll do what I’ve always done when the people who play this game has provided me with personal issues, I’ll just carry on doing what I do and work through it.
That’s how this has always worked.



What I won’t do is feel sorry for myself. I won’t assume other people are the problem. I won’t try and blame players for being different or awkward. Some of these things will be harder to accomplish than others, but the idea is to get better and learn, not go backwards. Mostly, I have come to realise that for the people I don’t have an affinity with in this ‘Community’ there’s an equal number of people that I have more in common with than I realised. I owe it to them therefore to keep at this, to push forward in difficult times, but more importantly to hold the courage of my convictions. Nothing may change, of course, but that’s no surprise in the end, because remember that thing that wasn’t a great big deal? It still isn’t, so let’s move on.
I’ll see you in game this weekend :D

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