4 thoughts on “Alphabet Street

  1. I voted that I like the site due to the fact that you have moved from Blogger to WordPress, which is a huge upgrade for you, although I am a very dark theme type of person so the theme will have to grow on me but I am certainly looking forward to seeing the final version.

    Rob :-)


  2. I’ve said yes .. because it plays nice .. but I’m aware it’s WiP. Also .. I don’t know if it’s intended for everything to be on the left half of the screen (or perhaps it’s just my browser) – which just feels a bit lop-sided to me.

    As far as the colours go .. I prefer the lighter colours (and it’s always easier to see and colour co-ordinate with a lighter theme).

    Happy twiddling! ;-)


  3. Voted yes as I like to make people happy! Though seriously as long as it loads, is not too large and is not yellow text on an orange background ( or similar ) I’m fine. Now back to try and log into a Twitter account which has not been used for three years to enter the giveaways. So far I have had two emails for security breaches, a request to change my password, an eye scan, DNA sample and 20 question quiz on my eating habits to try and log back in.

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