Having spent the weekend reorganising my Warcraft virtual life, I apologise in advance for what is likely to be a few days of dragging yours and my behind though the inevitable nostalgia that results from seven years worth of screenshots presented in reverse order. Actually, this is quite apposite, because yesterday I watched lots of people trying to make me less angry and frustrated that people don’t trust Blizzard to make anything new, and that I could just let people have a Vanilla server because it wouldn’t do me any harm. I appreciate the efforts that various people are doing to heal what they perceive is a schism in the Community, which is roughly equivalent to the damage others would like to create by excluding anyone who’s either a) too grumpy or b) not nearly grumpy enough. Mostly, I can tell you EXACTLY what the problem is right now.

I woke up this morning with the Pre-Expansion Blues.



It happens without fail, EVERY DAMN TIME. There’s still a metric shedtonne of content to complete, but everybody wants new. Those people desperate to level are doing it with alts instead of mains, and the Forums are full of people with PIE charts and GRAPHS explaining how long it took since the LAST Expansion and HAVE BLIZZARD LEARNT NOTHING and STOP. It’s okay, Pax East is this week, and Alpha now has just about everything in it that’s required to become Beta. Your content drought is about to end. I know this because all the Devs have gone suspiciously quiet on social media because they’re desperately trying to meet their deadlines. It’s on its way, folks. New stuff will be here soon, just let them launch Overwatch and you’ll be front and centre, okay?

Until then, time to get organised.


Things to do, OLD STYLE EDITION.

I picked this weekend to do my switch to WordPress for a reason, because there is SO MUCH STUFF coming for you guys that is new and shiny, that it made sense to be prepared this time VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE. As we have already established that I can’t do Guides for toffee too, I’ll be doing just that in the run-up to Legion. Playing a game is about learning and getting better, after all, so I’ll be using the next few weeks to show you how I will be preparing my team for the Expansion, and what you can do to be as prepared (or not) as I am. That’s my reasoning this time around: if you’re reading the Website, one assumes you have an interest in what I’m doing, and so as a result sharing my preparation makes perfect sense. I’ve done Frostbitten, by the way (Cataclysm screenie ftw) but there’s a LOT of Warlords that remains untouched, and we’re gonna fix that.


REMEMBER: don’t stand in the fire, kids.

The plan therefore is simple and set: minimum of 500 words per day from now on and an emphasis on useful, considered articles. I don’t care what your standpoint is on anything, by the way. I’m not here to judge you. I can have an opinion that’s contrary to you and still be friends.

Let’s all get ready for Legion together.

2 thoughts on “Start Again

  1. I really like the new layout, and have successfully found the path to commenting! So progress! Still sorting out how to get the various sections to load appropriately into my blog reader, but that can’t be too hard, right? (Right now, all seem to be coming over okay except for the main Warcraft blog)


  2. I am spedning a lot of time in Dalaran trying to catch coins from the fountain. I wasn’t there when WoTL came. And try to get my flying in Draenor now that I have a decent computer. I started my journey during MoP.


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