Yesterday, Blizzard finally drew a line in the sand.


I suspect a lot of people were expecting a ‘proper’ announcement and the fact this just happened via social media stuck quite a few on the back foot. Is it significant that a certain Final Fantasy game releases on the same day? Who knows? Could this announcement have been made without ceremony to throw a spanner at the growing Vanilla Servers ‘issue’? *shrugs* Whatever the reasoning, it doesn’t really matter. We’re here now, and as if Blizzard knew I’d be beginning my Preparation Guides now? I have the perfect lead-in.

Because we begin our run up to Legion by asking the most important of questions: do you really want to take part in this circus any more?


Yesterday, in amongst the joy and celebration of many there was, inevitably, the annoyance of some. I can see them, the people who are upset that people like me get genuinely excited about a game that has crushed their soul and forced them to go and play other stuff (and in many cases shoved them back to a Vanilla version of events because they just seem more ‘fun’) I’m not making any more comment on that debate save one: the problem here is people. Those who will judge you for choice, and those who will criticise you for changing your mind, and then there’s the weight of decisions and understanding… and let’s just stop the bus right there. There’s a joke we all know and often use, and I’m just as much to blame for this as everybody else, and maybe it is time that we just leave that assumption aside, once and for all.


It is time now to stop judging others and probably yourself. If you want to cancel your sub, this is as good a time as any to just shut up shop and go. Remember to say goodbye to the people who matter, and to NOT announce this via Blog post or Twitter, because the last thing you want is to create drama around an already traumatic part of your life. Oh, *right* you want that attention? Okay, well off you go but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Mostly, you need to decide what happens between now and release, but there’s no way on Azeroth you’ll be utterly organised right now. This is the time to just let the news sink in and decide what matters most.

That’s why I ask the question about whether you want to remain or not, because if you do stay there’s a chance to finally organise your Azerothian Life once and for all in a manner that means not only are you prepared for a new Expansion, you’re in a better place mentally and physically to survive EVERYTHING that the new Expansion might throw at you. Because this time around I’m not just going to suggest things to do in game to prepare you for the levelling process. Any old dumb website can throw a Guide at you. I’m here to actually make you think. It isn’t just doing things on a screen in the most efficient manner possible that makes this game work for you. It’s all the other stuff around that too that needs equal, if not more consideration.


Once upon a time, things were considerably simpler than they are now, and for those of us who struggle with the complexities in life, making things easier is only ever half the story. It’s a delicate balancing act between realistic and attainable. As a result, I’m going to set you a series of daily tasks so we can do this in a gentle, attainable manner. Today’s task is to find a notepad and pencil. Yes, I know some of you use your computer for all this, but my objective is to make you use your hands, to remember how to write again and use some kind of writing implement rather than simply stare at that second monitor. These Guides aren’t just about regurgitating old ideas, after all.

So, once you have your notepad and pencil/pen/crayon/charcoal? I’ll see you tomorrow :D

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