I asked people yesterday to find a pad and paper yesterday for today’s Guide. Now you have one, it is high time we decided what we want to write on it.


Lists are a Beautiful Thing (TM)

Some of you, of course, are ahead of the game: before you commit yourself to the task, there are some questions that need to be considered, namely:

    • How much time (per day, per week, per night) are you prepared to dedicate to this endeavour?


    • Will you be able to do everything alone, or will you require help?


    • Is there a particular order things will need to be done in?


    • Are you at the whim of the Server in terms of reset times?


    • Will there be any research/background work required to complete your objectives?


Once you have all this? Time to commit. For me, with a large Alt Family (TM) I’d like people geared to a decent standard across the board, and with a Main that collects things? There’s Achievements and Stuff to be considered. I’ll have a couple of hours per week and more at the weekends, and hopefully there’ll be the chance to rope in some help where required. I have a plan therefore, and it runs like this:


Alt ‘Care’:

I’ll firstly create a ‘form’ for the family, listing everybody’s iLevel and which items need replacing as a matter of urgency. After that?

    • Clear out every Alt’s bank, list all the Transmog gear they have, and organise bags for levelling


    • Take everyone to an acceptable iLevel for starting Legion (aiming for i695 considering Tanaan gear)


    • Give everyone a decent nest-egg for Legion (see below)



Not obsessed AT ALL ^^

After this? then we can work on who’s doing daily Tanaan runs so we can get to a stage where they’re generating cash passively when I’m not playing them. Then, one by one I’ll put my alts ‘to bed’ and concentrate on my designated levellers: in this case, Pherian (Dwarf Hunter), Keu (Human Mage) and Woo (Gnome Warlock) I’ll also be looking to use my current L100 boost on creating a Gnome Hunter when the time comes :D I’ve already reserved my name well in advance too!


Shiny Pets are SHINY

Pets, Toys and Mounts:

These things are all very important to me, I cannot lie. What I’d like to do is to make sure I’ve gotten as much as I can from Warlords so I have a fighting chance of starting fresh with a clean slate. That means getting an alt both to Northrend for a Valk’yr and to the Timeless Isle for a hit at the Celestial Tournament (which I’ve never even tried) I have a list of Toys to collect (see a post later) and mounts I can realistically keep trying for. That includes the last 900 Claws for the Saberstalkers one too. Mostly, that’s a big list of things to decide to do in a specific timeframe (probably as early morning projects, if truth be told, especially with the rarity of spawns.) They’re not the things to do at weekends, because that’s when EVERYBODY ELSE will be doing them. Part of your organisational process is knowing the optimal times for spawns and when other player interference will be low.


In the old days, Bankalts were more low profile

Achievement Spam & CASH MONEY:

As everyone returns to Azeroth to do the exact same thing as you are, it’s time to make money off them while you work doing it with minimal effort. It’s time to keep an eye out as other people point out places that will change for good or decent ways of making cash from returning players. Mostly, you want to be posting auctions at optimal times (evenings and weekends.) If you’re planning on doing Achievements? Work out if your Instance drops anything that’s worth keeping to sell (Transmog gear, LOOKING AT YOU) or if your Dungeon has anything worth exploiting on your way. Because, as any good gold maker will tell you? The best way to maximise your income is doing many things at the same time. That’s why, in the end, organisation and research is the key to success. That’s why I made you get a notepad :D


The key in all of this however is WORK. If you want to get organised, nobody else is going to do this except YOU. That means serious thought, some dedication and at least a token effort towards setting some attainable goals. Today’s task therefore is setting a realistic set of aims and objectives. You can always make another list when this one’s done, after all. Split your focus into small, attainable chunks and GET READY TO BEGIN.



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