It is that time in proceedings to pull out the first of many ACTUAL GUIDES to helping you get ready for Legion: in this case? This one’s a perennial favourite, and as storage is going to be an issue right up until they introduce the Wardrobe feature and nobody ever needs a bag again. Well, that’s the theory anyway. Until then? Here’s where you can pick up HUNDREDS of free bank slots without even stepping foot in an Auction House.


Chests Not Included

Farmable Bags:

Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack (22 Slots)
Dragon Hide Bag (22 Slots)
Papa’s Brand New Bag (22 Slots)
Pit Lord’s Satchel (20 Slots)
Papa’s New Bag (20 Slots)
Sun Touched Satchel (20 Slots)
Ogre Diving Cap (20 Slots)

As each of these is Unique, it means you can only have the one, but if you snag them all it’s a massive ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY SIX slots without you needing to spend a single penny. The Onyxia Bag is a guaranteed drop from the Dragon Lady herself in Duskwallow, and the Dragon Hide Bag comes from Normal plus Heroic Sartharion in the Obsidian Sanctum in Northrend. Once upon a time you’d have needed 24 mates to snag these but now of course, in the Age of Overpowered Legacy Biffage even a Holy priest can knock these off solo. Same is true for Magtheridon, who has his own Lair in Hellfire Peninsula and drops a decent 20 slotter for what (at least for my Hunter) is less than five seconds work. The other 22-er however is slightly more problematic. Both the Papa ‘bags’ have a chance to drop from Bronjahm in the Forge of Souls in Icecrown. When I say ‘chance’ Wowhead’s calling it about 4% I’ve only ever seen the 22 slot once and it’s still equipped on my Warlock.


Better than a Bucket. Honest.


However, if you’re running Magister’s Terrace on the Isle of Quel’Dailies for the White Hawkstrider, there’s a far better probability you’ll see the Sun Touched Satchel eventually. In fact four out six of these bags are attached to loot tables that also have a mount drop with them. You could do a lot worse than put this together for some HOT FARMING ACTION. Finally, and perhaps more significantly, the Ogre Diving Cap is just lying around under a bridge in Nagrand and, if you’re Level 98, will earn you XP for equipping. Frankly, that’s the way all bags should work.


A Place for Everything

Bags from Quests/Chests/Mobs

Grummlepack  (24 Slots)
Tattered Hexcloth Bag (24 slots)
Halaani Bag (18 Slots)
Traveler’s Backpack (16 Slots)
Journeyman’s Backpack (14 slots)

If the bags in the Forge of Souls aren’t happening for you, these first three are decent fall backs and, if you’re a boosted toon, you won’t have done the quest lines attached to them, so you can go sort that out at the same time. The Grummelpack’s about an hour’s work (if that) in Kun Lai: go find the quest ‘Traffic Issues’ given by Smokey Sootassle on the Burlap Trail. Seven quests in, you’ll be rewarded with your 24 slotter. Job dun! The Hexcloth Bag is a reward from Zul’Aman (reward from the quest called ‘Zul’Aman’) and has the bonus of a Mount attached to boot. Plus, you get to go up north and have to ride ON THE GROUND to get there (gasp!)


A place for all your crap AMIRITE?

The Halaani Bag requires 80 Oshu’gun Crystal Powder Samples, which you’ll need to hand into your faction’s appropriate vendor in Outland-style Nagrand. You’ll also need Halaa to belong to your faction to do this, which is why this particular bag often gets overlooked. However, yet again, there are two mounts available for PvP in this zone (if you’ve not gotten the tokens via a Garrison mission.) You could do a lot worse than invite some friends from BOTH factions along and make a day of it.

The last two are also worth mentioning, because like most bags that drop from mobs in the ‘Old World’ they’re bind-free and therefore can be swapped from alt to alt without penalty. No, they’re not huge, but they are useful and drop with impressive regularity from pretty much every instance in the late 40’s to early 60’s. The overriding advantage using these? Once you get a bigger bag you can either send them to your next alt or make a tidy profit on the AH. Me? I keep them for bankalts, because I am cheap and I like the idea of bind-free generally.


Not worth dying over, OBVIOUSLY.

Mostly, this is a way to not spend a single penny on giving a new alt a set of bags. Yes, you can buy bags in various places, but if you’re preparing for an Expansion? You don’t want to spend any cash. Here’s a great alternative, and you can do most of these in a single evening on a L100.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and FIND FREE STORAGE.

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