Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of stats.

Most of you will not have known the deceased at all, but the significance of their passing on the UI will matter to many assembled here of a certain age. For them, stats became synonymous of the relationship others had with this game, and that what became significant for a time more than anything else was a number, not the person playing. Somewhere between Wrath of the Lich King and today, this number became a metaphor: not simply for level of attainment, but of the entire difficulty curve of endgame. With the passing of stats, we now live in a world where only seven things matter to a player, making their choices clearer and options far less mystifying.

Stats had been unwell for some time. It was no secret to anyone that their illness was slowly eroding the casual player’s ability to understand clear and informed decision making. Their loss will be a wrench for many, but is a natural part of the circle of life.


However, before those here assembled decry this as a travesty or an injustice, I ask for a moment to stop and consider what was done by the entire Community to contribute to stats perhaps inevitable demise. Those who would not use reforging, to gem and enchant your gear. Despite being pushed, cajoled and encouraged to be better it would be too much effort. You’d never have enough time and this was not ever the individual’s fault, but those who thought stats could be so much more than they clearly were. Eventually, a combined arrogance and thoughtlessness contributed to the downfall of a system that would show the real attainment and effort of those who took the time to actually understand what stats really were. Many however will look at this passing and consider it not even newsworthy, and they will be right. Stats belong in a different age, and not this one.

In our own ways, we are all to blame for the loss of this part of the UI.


There will also be those who will attempt to apportion blame, as is always the case in such situations. No-one is to be held up as responsible for the passing of stats, no particular set of circumstances pointed at as reasoning for this loss. Sometimes, it is just time to leave. Nothing lasts forever, after all.

The loss of stats is inevitable, and not nearly as significant as many commentators may have you believe. They are survived by a robust and adaptive UI, and any contributions should be made via the in game shop.

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