In today’s guide, I’m going to suggest that before you log into the Game today to do what you’d like to do, it’s time to think about something that might not be on your To Do List at all. After the release date announcement on Monday, there’s an awful lot of people who’ll be arriving back in Azeroth today and tomorrow for the first time after an absence, and becoming rather generous with the amount of money they’re prepared to spend to get themselves better organised.

It is time to look at your Bank and decide what to sell.


Frankenstein’s Auctions were selling like hot cakes…

Pretty much all weekends have the potential to be gold mines in the months that follow, especially as we approach the Pre-Expansion Event Threshold. I’d expect to see current mats rise in price as people take the opportunity to play catch up, especially in relation to upgrading crafted gear. I’d urge you to at least try and do Kazzak this weekend if you sell your Felblight, and look at options for Warlords mats across the board. However, what always happens in the first few weeks for me at Expansion announcement is the take up of old materials, as players attempt to level Alts and Professions prior to changing plans, mains or a combination of the two. In this regard, you can make stupidly silly amounts of money on the most innocuous of items. Time to get ye to an Auction House, go to the back page of your notepad, and start making some observations.


When 20 was all you had…^^

A reminder at this juncture: once upon a time I’d never have ascribed to being an individual seller on some items, especially raw materials. However, over the years I’ve come to appreciate the canny player who’ll not only stick up a maximum stack of an item (so in this case 200) but do so with a buy out price that shows an effort has been made. Yes you can put up your stacks of Rugged Leather for stupid money if you wish, but you’re far more likely to sell them all at a realistic buy-out considering the historical prices on your Server. Once upon a time it was not about fleecing the innocent or desperate, as seems to have become the norm for so many players these days. I’m far more likely to just buy all your crap if you show me you’re not trying to extort cash from my astute, AH-savvy grasp.

However, where that changes is the business of Transmog, and trust me when I say to you that this has the potential to make you very rich indeed before Legion.


Mail or no Mail?

With the Wardrobe feature front and centre, it is time to make the most of all that stuff you’ve been trying to sell on your low pop server for months but stopped bothering with. If you’re on high pop and struggle finding a niche? Try getting your Tailor to make shirts, or your Professions mules to craft some of the specialist items from previous Expansions with unique Transmog looks. Even better, try selling the raw materials that make these first and if they don’t sell? Craft the items instead. As you’ll need to have the item in your bank, soulbound, in order to add it to your Wardrobe? There’s going to be a LOT of people interested in professions back catalogues. This is going  to rise in popularity once Character Copy appears in Alpha/Beta and people can check what they are short of for Achievements. I’d still argue that shirt sales are the best solid bet for long term income in the months that follow, because if you need 25 of them to complete the Fabulous achievement and they’re not BoE in most cases?

Oh, if only we could make Tabards.


Time to think outside the Box.

The rationale is simple: if this is the first chance you’ve had to log in and play since Monday? Think how many other people will do the same. I bet they’re not nearly as organised as you are either, so make that work for you this weekend and every one up until the end of August. I’ll provide different ideas each Saturday for you as we approach critical mass. After all, some people will but just about ANYTHING if they don’t have to do the work themselves… ^^

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