This morning, as a break from the effort and consideration you are giving to the business of organisation, I want to share something intensely personal with you. With the imminent arrival of a new Expansion (and yes, September is only five months away) you may find yourself not worrying about what you need to do but what is expected of you by others. Today therefore, I ask you as you sit with a cuppa and your Sunday morning routine, to spare a thought for yourself.

Is all this effort and hard work what you really want?


I’ve spent quite a long time doing this, and even longer having to justify my opinions to total strangers. Of course I shouldn’t need to do anything of the sort, but the moment you put yourself into the spotlight, people will always judge you. It’s a sad fact of existence that this game often stops being about the good and is focussed on the bad, because somehow people get more pleasure highlighting fault than achievement. It’s always been the way, and I spent a long time as a GM trying to convince players they were good enough. You’d never have to push the people who could play, they’d just turn up and do just that. A far bigger issue were the people who decided they couldn’t. That’s why I have a lot of sympathy for those who feel they’re not good enough because believe it or not? This is very often my default state.

Ultimately the biggest obstacle to happiness is yourself.


I asked you at the beginning of the week to consider if you still wanted to be here, and I’m going to suggest today you look at what matters most to you, not your Guildies or friends. There is an awful lot of pressure on people to be part of a whole, often when they’re not comfortable doing just that. This game can become a millstone for many as a result, and I know the consequences that can have on individuals first hand. Mostly, it’s about finding a place where you can be happy and everything can be achieved at not only a pace you’re happy with, but with an end result that keeps you satisfied.

Mostly, today is a great opportunity to look both backwards and forwards. Consider not just what others say is important or matters, but place yourself in a position of significance too. It isn’t always about being the centre of attention, quite obviously, but what matters more than anything else? Are you happy playing this game?

If you’re not, this is the perfect opportunity to change that situation.

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