Today, we’re talking about stuff that is likely to go away. It happens EVERY Expansion, almost without fail: the team go and change something and that means a bunch of stuff vanishes forever. In previous Expansions that’s meant losing versions of Scholomance, Scarlet Monastery, Wailing Caverns and Blackfathom Depths, amongst others. This time around, you now already know that if you want the mount associated with the Brawler’s Guild? Preparation is key. There’s another spot I’m looking at as potentially vanishing this Expansion, especially if Blizzard keep to type:

It’s not just Instances that will alter this time around either: with crucial changes coming to a number of Classes and their specs? You’ll find some tasks will be harder than others: one that has already been discussed in my Twitter timeline is taming a Fel Wolf in Tanaan, if you’re that way inclined. Here’s Bendak’s guide on securing one and you’ll notice that if you want to do this solo, the use of Flare is rather crucial. That’s going to vanish for some Hunter specs come the pre-Expansion patch, so if you want to do this solo, you may need to provision time appropriately.


Did somebody say… yeah, RIGHT ^^

However most significantly of all for those of you making cash hand over fist from Garrisons, comes the understanding that many, if not all significant missions will be nerfed and any new Salvage Crates produced once Legion hits will be grey quality and empty. If you want to keep raking it in, therefore, you’ll need to start considering alternative sources of cash. Don’t worry however, because we’ll be offering easy alternatives for this as we head into the Summer months. They won’t be as easy as just logging in and doing nothing every day, and this is your scheduled daily reminder that maybe you should be doing that a bit more as the weeks go on to make the most of the Fountain of Gold whilst it lasts.


No, I don’t know either ^^

Mostly, this is where planning ahead really has the opportunity to cover your arse. If there’s anything you know of that could vanish for good come Legion? Feel free to stick it in comments so everybody can share.

3 thoughts on “Legion :: Goodbye

  1. Thanks for the tip about level 80 Violet Hold, given Blizzard’s track record with revamped instances as of late. There are actually quite a few unique and interesting items from there that I’d miss if they were to be removed.

    Guess I might need to get down to some farming…


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