The rumours coming from the latest Alpha build are big indeed, and I have no desire to spoil those of you who will enter the pre-Expansion event unspoilt. Needless to say, speaking from the standpoint of someone who has lived through everything?

It was probably inevitable.


Nope, not elementals this time ^^

This Event, as it stands, should present enough of the past to assuage even the most frustrated of players. There’s elements from every previous incarnation: collecting stuff, mind control and placards, and that the Doomsayers are back has struck a chord with me that made me laugh out loud this morning, despite myself. Because yet again, Activision Blizzard aren’t afraid to take the piss out of the current situation, or to acknowledge criticism being laid at their door. You keep telling me that you want Azeroth to be great again? Well, that’s what you’re being given, but you’ll not be interested because it isn’t the version of this game you demand?

Seriously, PLEASE just stop it.


Yes, you have to think. GO ON GIVE IT A TRY.

The temptation of course now is to leap onto Alpha and play the content, but that would spoil for me an experience that looks as if it will be best enjoyed not in isolation, but with friends or a Guild. On consideration, using this event as a means of relaunching a new set of associations and relationships with other people, to move on my Warcraft experience, seems like the most excellent of suggestions. Having had quite enough of people telling me that things are done a certain way, when this game’s main saving grace over the years has been the fact it could be played any fucking way I wanted and it didn’t matter? Well, this is the absolute best way that the game fights back from the assertion that Azeroth was only great if you allow a Vanilla version of it to exist alongside the evolution we currently possess.

Mostly, this morning I have no desire left to entertain the belief that somehow we can all get on and ‘live together’ when it is abundantly apparent that by thinking differently, that’s simply not the case. If your definition of ‘community’ only supports your own world view and refused to factor in the needs of as many differing and diverse groups as possible? Then I’m sorry, but that’s not a community at all, and I want no part of either you or your ideals. It may seem as if this outlook has become the very antithesis of what is normally ascribed, but frankly that’s not the problem here. You started this. Having done so that means that everybody has the chance to benefit from an excess of generosity, that this pre Expansion event will have so much stuff in it you’ll have to stay logged in for days just to complete it all.

If ANYBODY tells me there’s a problem with this?



If you REALLY want to spoil yourself over this? All the datamining sites are falling over themselves with details. Go fill your boots. Personally, I am happy to bide my time and wait.

It won’t be long now anyway.

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