Last night, I finished my first Bucket List item for the upcoming Expansion.


This task had two main purposes: it clears five bag slots I’ll sorely need for further gathering, and it’s Mount 261 (obviously) and in that regard, slow progress is always better than none at all. However, I still need to finish the ‘of the Jungle’ achievement and there’s a pet to be had from the next pile of claws, but that’s probably a better bet once I outgear the content. Talking of pets, as we are?

I have no doubt that Quintessence is correct, and if this is the case I should probably be battling far more than I am. As a result, once I’ve done here I may well even upgrade Garrisons to L3 Menageries so I can guarantee the income pre-Expansion and knock another item off my To Do List. For now, once I’m done here I’ll be in game (between bouts of laundry) seeing just how much gold I currently possess and looking at what everyone can do to assist in this new target.

I’ll see you there :D

2 thoughts on “Long Shot Kick de Bucket

  1. Wow – bag slots…I think that’s one of the main reasons I have trouble with getting back into WoW. I never got the whole Void Storage thing and as a hoarder, I hate having to manage so many items even when I know I’ll get better stuff as I progress.


  2. I’d imagine that the introduction of the Transmog closet will empty a good portion of my bag-slots up, at least if implemented how I’d like. Those holiday outfits, gone. Raiding and PVP gear from ages passed, gone. Most of what I put into void storage, gone.

    Unfortunately, like all things Blizzard, they will probably put arbitrary rules on the transmog closet that won’t allow me to add these items. Sort of like how I can’t transmog the Coren’s broken bottle as a dagger on my rogue, or my warlock can’t carry a giant fish offhand and wear his fishing hat while raiding.


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