And so the organisation for Legion has begun for me in earnest.


Yesterday was collecting Toys that are not yet Toys because I know the game is changing. Of course, without data mining, I’d not know any of this, and I’m more than aware of the irony of doing preparation based on a concept I find divisive. It’s one of those moments where you need to make a choice: I have free time now to use, let’s make it productive, so if it means doing things that actually I might have a problem with in the long term? Who knew this game would pose psychological issues in the playing? It also seems to cement the issue that you should never throw away anything in this game. The Mushroom Brew, for instance, had no relevance to me as a Hunter, and so I trashed it because of bag space issues, which meant having to go and collect it on an Alt yesterday. That item required a fair bit of ‘work’ to obtain to, and I’ve never been a fan of jumping puzzles.

Mostly, it’s about choosing realistic goals and then sticking to them.


Everybody to Maximum or Bust

That means today, after I’ve done all the Garrisons and collected all the Pet Charms? Priest comes out and uses up Rested Bonus and gets a level, followed by every other alt I have sub-100, and we keep going until every one is maxxed and possesses a L3 Garrison. I’ve been reading a lot of late about the argument that motivation is what you need to get stuff done, but I’ll always argue that discipline is what matters most: doing the same thing, getting yourself into a routine, appreciating the value of having an attainable goal. That means setting a benchmark and aiming for it, and not just hoping you feel inspired enough to get stuff done. In that respect, all these people to 100 isn’t necessary, but it’s part of a process of preparation I enjoy and helps me prepare for the inevitable Class Changes that are coming in the pre-Expansion Patch.



Mostly, at this point in proceedings I’m aiming for June 28th, which is when I’m expecting the pre-Expansion patch to drop. By then I need everyone at 100 who I want to take part in that, and ready beforehand to make some cash while I wait for August 30th.

So, as today is a Public Holiday in the UK? TIME TO GET STARTED.

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