Today, I’m off on a new routine, and this far things are looking up.


Right now, this is my morning routine:

  • Log in
  • Reset Garrison Missions (Shipyard and Followers)
  • Keep Professions Buildings stocked
  • Shuffle Resources to expedite the above
  • Pet Battle
  • Log off

Today that made me 20,000g with all the various missions I had (though will admit, there was 8k in there from Blingtron’s Secret Vault x 2) When I have free time in the evenings I will be levelling the Priest and the Horde Hunter. That’s all there is to it right now, and all the time I have during the day that my Real Life schedule can allow.

However, that’s really not bad, is it?

This is why Garrisons at 100 are actually useful.

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