The last couple of days has been quite revelatory, in terms of what is possible for me in the time-frames I’ve set up to get organised before Legion. With the basic framework in place, I feel genuinely optimistic for what can be done. Most of this, it must be said, removes the random nature of the equation: I’ve not promised myself mounts that drop via the RNG, for instance. This isn’t about smashing the 300 barrier when it is apparent so many are at the whim of something I can’t control. In fact, I’ve not yet considered if I’ll even factor mount farming into the final equation. There was a salutatory revelation at the weekend, which has only been borne out by the actions of others so far the week. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean it’s either right or good for anybody else. In fact, the greater key to comfort and success in the short term is knowing what you can do, and playing to that as a strength first.



I know that 20k cash days will be few and far between, so if I’m looking for money, that’s not the way forward. Ironically, I don’t really need that much gold anyway, the Pet Battle Tokens are actually far more important in my long-term planning and so having spent cash on upgrading Menageries, I’m now looking more at getting alts back to Tanaan to ensure that they’re all packing the right combination of factors for true and long-term self-sustainability. That means, as of reset this week, one alt will do those dailies until they’re at the point the Oil Rig becomes available, and then I’ll move on. This means that the plan for reset is as follows:

  • Everybody does Kazzak for Felblight/Upgrades
  • Everybody does at least one Timewalking dungeon for Badge reward
  • One alt does the Tanaan dailies until Oil Rig, rinse and repeat
  • Level Priest to 100, then start on Rogue

Because of the nature of my relationship with this game, the first priority is getting everyone established at a level where they can simply be left and not played with. I intend to do this in my weekday faffing, and then leave the weekends for bigger projects. However there will be certain things (rare spawns, Brawlers Guild) I’ll be far better achieving in the week and not at high traffic times. Mostly, organisation will be the long term winner here if I can pull it off.


Grinding GO!

After that? Well, I think we’ll just see what grabs me. The key to keeping things fresh and interesting in effectively ‘static’ content is not to make anything feel like a chore, and to attack when you have the time/motivation to do so. Right now that means an hour of work after the school run every morning and before I go to the Gym. It means making the most of the 30 minutes free I get when I’m not writing or doing chores. Mostly, it just demands that I step up to the plate and put in the hours.

I know what I’m capable of. Time to work

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