There is muttering from certain quarters of my Twitter feed this morning. I have heard this grumpy grumbling for some time, and believe that this is probably the moment to remind people of a few harsh home truths. As we are now perilously close to a Beta experience? It is time for honesty between us.

  1. Why is everything suddenly more expensive in Legion?


Well, that’s easy. It’s penance for your lack of faith in the Legion, and they’re making you suffer as a result. Or, it’s simple economics, you decide. All that money we’re making right now from summat that Blizzard designed but is clearly broken? They have to get it back off you somehow. That’s why these ridiculous prices are showing up on Alpha right now, because Blizzard know this and will have to start playing with the concept of how they not only remove all this gold, but how they tackle long term game inflation generally. Nobody bought the gold sinks in previous expansions unless they had a use. Now they way that concept works is with the best cosmetic item to block the mailbox with. Nothing says ‘here since Vanilla and using TSM’ better than a 2 million gold mount, wouldn’t you say?

Because the moment the personal gold threshold rises? Prices have to follow.

Start saving those coppers now.

2. Why the sudden obsession with making Reputations less ‘grindy’?


If you’ve seen everything in your time, nothing is a surprise, and reading this morning that Reputations are being made less grindy on another site just made me laugh, out loud. If you’re only being allowed to grind a certain amount of reputation in a day, or it’s being awarded by random drops? That’s still grindy, it just means you have to do it for longer. Some might argue it is actually gating reputation gain as was the case with the Golden Lotus back in Pandaria. Because of the unique way certain people play this game, unless you formally gate reputations so it is impossible to not do it all non-stop over three days with no sleep? People will grind, regardless. So look, I appreciate this is all part of a long term achievement to grant people flying and you don’t want it finished in a week after launch. I understand why content needs to last and be robust. All of this has come from YEARS of knowing how people play Warcraft.

When all is said and done? All of this is a grind, that I willingly choose to do, so stop it.

3. They rebuilt the Park. Why did that have to be a Spoiler?


I’m sorry, but eventually, like it or not, EVERYTHING is a spoiler. Soylent Green is people. Dumbledore dies. You do not hold the Statute of Limitations on the Internet, however fucking grumpy you’d like to be about being spoiled on The Force Awakens. The thing is that, eventually, the problem isn’t yours anyway, and it’s not other people. The blame goes back to the people making the product, and if they choose to allow others to use this stuff not simply as news but a means to advertise their upcoming product? Yup, there will be tears. You can just stay off the Internet, you know, it is not impossible. The thing is, most people don’t want to lose the convenience, and here’s where your Pandora’s Box of Azeroth was never yours to open to begin with.

Please note however I can reference this change and not spoil you in this Blog Post. That’s because I know the secret, but choose not to share. That’s a blog post for another day ^^

Legion’s coming. Maybe, today is the day you start preparing for this. If you do, I’m here to help. Pull up a chair and settle down…

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