Before you start, Mr H has already apologised on Twitter for the CEST oversight SO DON’T START. I’m just using this as a cheap clickbait header, and nothing much changes in that regard around this Parish except the name of the Expansion, so don’t be surprised at that either. However, the fact this little gem appeared on Friday without any ceremony, the fact it’s happening on a Tuesday Morning on reset day, and the fact we’re only a number of weeks from the Movie release should tell you all you really need. Having gotten a splash screen in the last Alpha build it is only a matter of time now before Beta happens, and we know it will because lots of sites got keys to give away. There’s one major stumbling block that remains, and it isn’t (as some would have you believe) the lack of depth to certain classes.

It’s the music.

I’d predict that as soon as the Movie’s live worldwide you’ll see the music appear in Legion, and once that happens we’re close to pre-Expansion Event. I’m still looking at June 28th as E-Day, mostly because I think they’ll want to capitalise on the buzz the Movie will inevitably generate. For now, I’ll be covering the Dev Interview for the day job, so you can expect just the facts over at MMO Games and more pithy asides here.

For now, I’m hoping that what will be a largely pre-organised, pre-scripted event with the occasional glance at Twitch chat will provide some genuine information for people about what to expect going forward in the next few months.

One thought on “Ready to Go Home

  1. I have never really understood the differentiation between Alpha and Beta, from what i see current Alpha is what Beta used to be I guess it gives the developers validation as to the progress of the development process. It will certainly be interesting viewing although I would rather have had someone that is less “Cosy” with Blizzard and would not be afraid to ask the difficult questions without worrying they would not be asked to be the face of the next HOTS spectacular. Not at all saying that Mr Cox would be anything but impartial of course :-)

    R x


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