This week has suddenly become very interesting indeed.


And after all, that is Thunderfall ^^

I’d reconciled that we were unlikely to get any news on the Expansion until after Overwatch launched, and so to see the Hazzokostas ‘chat’ appearing was, I’ll freely admit, something of a pleasant surprise. As there’s no ‘ask your questions here’ proviso either this is very much an opportunity for Blizzard to tell us where things stand, which is something that many people have been asking for since the last time any major news was announced. However? What could we expect to hear tomorrow, I wonder…

  • Pre-expansion release details (OBVIOUSLY)
  • Beta release details (because this IS STILL ALPHA)
  • Explanation of what won’t be in Legion (as in, what they promised in August but can’t provide)
  • Counter with EXTRA GUBBINS that will appear (see Mobile Content yesterday)

Mostly, as it’s Jesse Cox doing the MC-age and NOT Lore (who’s probably busy actually working) this says to me that the company understand that they’ve not really said anything of actual note about the title for some time. The fact there weren’t any major questions about Warcraft in the Q1 earnings call too was something of a surprise, but I’m going to cover that in a Podcast with Mr Joar this week :D


My Body is Ready

After that? Normally, just popping in for a chat is not Blizzard’s style. I’ve got sizeable cash piles on Beta beginning this week, especially as there will now be a lull between the end of the Overwatch beta and actual release, and if Blizzard wants to own the news cycle? Giving a load of new people something to play is a  SOUND MOVE.

Is it Tuesday yet?

4 thoughts on “History Repeating

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  2. Some of this makes me think Blizzard is taking a more subdued approach to the Legion launch. Warlords felt so over exposed, that the actual release of the game was ‘meh’. This expac, I see it so much more subdued. (on the other hand, ) Maybe it’s my lack of enthusiasm for the expac (/shrug). Alpha, or is it really just limited beta, has been going on for months. I bet ‘beta’ invites won’t show up for the masses until August 1 (sort of like Overwatch did).


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