There is no escaping it. Beta’s here, the free keys are available (but yeah, gotta work for them folks) and I’ll be jumping back into the ‘new’ content again. If you’re not interested, you can choose to ignore the posts by just glossing over the BETA tag.

I was late to the realms, so my first choice name from Alpha’s gone, BUT NO MATTER.


I believe that add-ons are active on the Realm now so I’ll need a bit of time to copy over my most used stuff (including Bartender) but once that’s done? The plan is as follows:

  • Test Professions and REPORT BROKEN SHIT
  • Level a bit
  • Look at the new zones
  • Take lots of screenshots
  • Maybe play with the Wardrobe some more (DUH)
  • Hope character copy is activated soon so I can do that PROPERLY
  • Go take a look at the Old World
  • Check whether the Violet Hold exists in old format in Old Dalaran

Mostly, I’ll be making it up as I go along. No change there, then.


Right, so I’d better get on with it.

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