When I saw mention of this new cookery book for Warcraft, I’ll freely admit I thought it was a joke. At almost 25 pounds UK, that’s pretty steep for a bunch of recipes to begin with. Then I grasped the author’s previous form, and realised that actually, this is only Blizzard capitalising on Pepe. In fact I’d predict there’s going to be an awful lot of this in the months that follow.


Everybody loves a crossover NATCH

It was inevitable you’d get cash-ins on the back of the next few months, because we’ve got a MOVIE RELEASE DAMMIT, but what hasn’t been apparent was who this stuff would get thrown at. We’re already seeing a fairly significant diversification in the clothing line: leggings, bags, female form items that were not even considered before have now become de rigeur. With the cookery book one assumes that every mum uncertain of what to buy their Warcraft-mad siblings will be sticking one of these on your Christmas list whether you like it or not. However, I’m still not buying any of this stuff. Absolutely, totally not happening, Warcraft Marketing Department. If you want me to jump on the consumerism band wagon?

You’re not thinking in the right ball-park AT ALL.



This is what I want. STORAGE. I don’t need plush toys or leggings or pointless cookery books. PLEASE PROVIDE PLACES TO STORE SHIT. If you do this I will cave willingly, happily, I’ll even blog about it and encourage people to purchase the items. Because chests are life and the fact they are not still a staple of game play is really depressing. Yes, I know they’re still available to discover, but now its all about treasure in various forms and not just a casket of awesome (with a chance of some cheese and a backpack.) I does like my nostalgia, after all, but it’s very narrow band.

It’s also infinitely better than a stuffed bird.

One thought on “Fix You

  1. Ha! I want my Warcraft shirt that says “Disney does it better” — if they are doing toys and items to see from the movie in our local five and dimes; I wish them luck.
    Fun posting, thanks!


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