Yesterday I did something I’ve not done for many months: I had an entire day on my main. It was odd, but very satisfying to have a long run at organising myself. It made me realise a lot about how my gaming life has changed in the last year, and how the issues Activision Blizzard highlight as being problematic actually have no immediate effect on me, at least in the short term. I also realised just how important ‘consulting a Guide’ has become in playing this MMO. But I’m getting ahead of myself: I had a goal yesterday: earn some Achievement Points, and see what else I could get done in the process. In the end, I’m very pleased with what was achieved:

  • Main’s banks organised with Leatherworking materials to make items for the upcoming Wardrobe feature
  • Celestial Tournament (finally started) and teams saved for first week’s ‘trio’
  • Forty points worth of Achievements
  • Two new battle pets from Draenor (both rare spawns)
  • One difficult Archaeology Achievement completed doing Draenor Archaeology (which included a number of Pristine solves)
  • Evening session on Priest who went from 93-95

It wasn’t the most organised of sessions, all told, and a lot of brainache went into the Bank organisation, simply because having done Leatherworking in every Expansion, the rules have changed so many times it is actually hard for me to remember what material got used when. However, I think my bank’s now suitably re-arranged:


Okay then. That will do.

The next step of course, isn’t to make everything NOW. It might be considered as organised to do that for my Wardrobe, but what I’ll do first (when the feature launches, in the pre-Expansion window) is work out what distinct looks I need to concentrate on. What I can do, in the meantime, is ensure I have raw materials from each Expansion in which to make stuff with. The easiest way to do this is to have a week in each Expansion gathering on multiple toons, which then is stored in banks so I can start making stuff when the time comes. Everybody’s obsessed with the future but I now have one eye on the past. That means today organising the banks of the major crafters, and preparing the gatherers for action. It will also mean the use (again) of Guides to work out what stuff lives where: but in this case it will be on a character by character basis. having Ackis Recipe List as an addon is pretty much essential so I can tell what alt needs to run which dungeon.

What would we do without Guides, eh?



Without Guides, this part of the game would never have happened. I’m still not sure how I feel about that either, that if I had needed to work out how I countered everything in the Celestial Tournament Scenario I’d be a gibbering wreck by now, almost two expansions after the content was considered relevant. I’ll come back to that intellectual issue later, but for now I’m 25% towards owning all the pets I wanted to begin with, and that’s all that really matters in the end. I also picked up the Crimsonwing Moth and Sapphire Firefly from Draenor that are considered ‘rare’ spawns from Draenor. I have a Level 3 Barn in the hope the Pygmy Cow spawns, I have enough Pagle tokens for the Land Shark (but I’ll do the mount first) and at some point this week, when I’m fed up (or locked out) farming Classic content on everybody I’ll go kill mobs in the hope that Zomstruck drops. Then, it’s just the Val’kyr to worry about, but we’ll attempt to knock that off in Northrend Week :D


Needs better name.

After THAT we have alts to level, and that means four characters to begin with: Priest, Rogue, Shaman and Moonkin. Three alts need an Oil Rig to become self sufficient and so even I should be able to organise myself to get that done so by the time all the new people are at 100, all the old ones can just be left where they are. Then, I suspect, I will consider myself ready, and as I will be on holiday for 10 days in August? This is the time I have to BE PREPARED, so I really need to get a wiggle on. Being a perfectionist means knowing when you stop trying to do everything, and just concentrate on finishing a few things, and doing those as well as you can. In this case? That’s picking solo-able, achievable goals.

That makes this next couple of weeks eminently doable.


I’m still aiming for 20k points before Legion. I’ll do my best to multi-task wherever possible: that means using Archaeology solves in Draenor to finish Pandaria items before I go for the Bug Mount. It means getting alts to do Dungeon runs as well as Pherian. Mostly, what the next few weeks demands is a concerted focus so I can believe I’m as prepared as it is possible to be under the circumstances. In the end, the only person I’m effectively competing against these days in myself, and as I’m quite a competitive bitch? Maybe I could just ease off a bit on myself.

Now, I must stop typing and go set some more Missions running :D

3 thoughts on “It’s My Life

  1. Along similar lines, I was thinking to myself last night that if I’m going to be city rep farming in old dungeons, I ought to make myself a list of which dungeons drop items which that particular character might want for her Wardrobe and do my rep farming in those dungeons.


  2. I like it, I like it a lot. Being Organized when stepping into a new expansion with a goal (your wardrobe) is pretty sassy.
    Two questions: are you stock-piling crates from the Salvage Yard and, seeing that you are a LW: do you think Drums of the Forgotten Kings will work in Legion?


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