This is something of a diversion for me, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the idea goes down. As a result of this post by Twitter user @GoldGoblinGamin I’ve decided to do a bit of Old Skool farming in the weeks that follow, which means this week I’m all over the Classics. Specifically, I’m looking at materials for Tome of Illusions: Azeroth with the realisation that a lot has changed since the days I farmed for these items as current content. Back in the day, if I wanted Essences, there were particular places to go: high level Elementals were hard work to kill, and often I’d be fighting of groups of players and farmers to do so. Having an Alchemist to transmute was one way around certain restrictions, but in the end, you had to put in the hours. Now, a great deal has changed, not least how long it takes. First up, let’s have a chat about Essence of Water.


This Essence was, back in Vanilla, something I fished up before I ever tried to kill mobs. It was available in Azshara and meant my efforts to max my skill was well worth the reward. Now, these fellas in the Swamp of Sorrows have a respawn time of under a minute, which means I can just run around for a bit and never have to pause and wait. The fact that my gatherer can pick up new herbing and mining nodes approximately every eight minutes is also a bonus that shouldn’t be overlooked. Mostly, having given myself a 30 minute window, I’m more than happy with this as a grinding spot.

Next up, there’s really only one place to farm Essence of Fire.


Yup, you can actually fish for it in Molten Core, but as this one was only dredging out Skulls and Coal, I’ll probably need to bring in the higher levelled individuals to give it a good test. However, one run last night was good enough to pick up all manner of mail-related goodies to stick in the bank for Transmog, plus more than enough of all the other stuff to make this a must-run on a few alts before Legion hits.


Finally, Undeath has always been the Plaguelands, but sadly my normal go-to of Stratholme is now effectively too low level to provide anything significant of valueThis is the Essence I had the most already stored to begin with, and should at this point remind players that Transmuting is an option should you be lucky enough to own the correct recipes:


So excess Undeath should do the dance to Water, and at a pinch you could then go Undeath-Water-Air-Fire, but really? With the abundance of Fire in Molten Core I’d keep the Water for that Transmute. A reminder: these Classic recipes are still on a daily cooldown. Ideally you should start doing this right now, and preferably with a Transmute Master as your go-to.


Mostly, I’m all set for that first Draenor recipe. Next up in Classic Week is gathering raw materials to allow my Crafters to use their Old World recipes for the first time in many months. We’ll start that tomorrow with my tailor and her shirt recipes.

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