I don’t just play Hunters, which may come as a surprise to a few of you. One of my most loved characters (and much neglected since Pandaria) and in fact the second toon I rolled after a bankalt is my Warlock. She was made specifically for one task, to banish an add at Garr in Molten Core. She did it very well, and thanks to that she’s got the longest time /played after my main. It occurs to me that Warlocks need more love especially as everybody and their grandma’s gonna be rolling a Demon Hunter in Legion. Mostly, there needs to be a day of the week when I specifically enjoy her and her cute Gnomish awesome. As a result, and because everybody knows that ALL DAYS ARE HUNTER DAYS?

#WarlockWednesday has begun.


Rolling with the homies.

There’s a lot of reasons to be starting #WarcraftWednesday now but the main one (surprisingly) is not to annoy my mate @ArcaneRatsel and give #MageMonday a run for its money. It occurs to me I should be playing more than one class, and as Locks are the one I have the most affinity for? It makes sense I pull her out and get started on giving Woo a shining future in Legion. It also helps considerably that she’s my Transmute Alchemist, and with my focus on getting ready this week via Classic Content? It’s all falling beautifully into place. That means that once a week? You’ll have a little bit of Warlock here, just to remind you that I’m not simply a one-class girl… or that I do indeed own classes plural. Not just Hunters, who ARE STILL GREAT, by the way.


Okay, there might be a bit of friendly rivalry. Just a tad :P

Welcome to Warlock Wednesdays, people :D

One thought on “Warlock Wednesday :: Let’s Go Crazy

  1. Well who would have thunk it, you actually play something else than a Hunter, although it is still technically cheating as it is another pet class but I will give you a pass for the time being as you are actually branching out into a different class. You see i do read your blog every day like I told you last night :p


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