If like me you’ve left levelling your Garrison Bodyguards to the last minute, it might now seem a bit of a pain to get them all out for XP maximisation. Well, it doesn’t need to be that way. This morning I’m here to offer a simple and VERY FAST way of getting the Bodyguard XP you require whilst at the same time offering a useful bonus incentive. One of the things I always suggest when farming in Warcraft is to try and multitask: that is, farm in areas where you’re likely to benefit not simply from the main action engaged in. For your bodyguards I’ve picked a spot with the MOTHER of all bonus benefits. Firstly though, let’s show you just how much XP we’re talking about:


Yup, for just under an hour’s work I levelled a 6th of my Bodyguard’s complete XP. More importantly, I made 8.5k gold by doing so. 


Now I have your attention, let’s talk about where you go to do all of this.


This area will be familiar to anyone on the Alliance side who did the Hallows End quests, as this was the area they were set in. However, now you’ll find Darktide Boneshells and Darktide Husks there, plus groups of six Rickety Skeletons. As they’re L90 mobs they’ll die nice and fast for your 100, with the benefit of an extremely robust respawn timer. As each of these is worth 12 XP for your Bodyguard? The faster you move, the quicker they die. However, that’s not what gets you cash (though having said this I had a blue and a fair few greens drop for me when I was researching this Guide.) It’s the one specific item in the Darktide’s loot table we’re looking for that’s the big earner.


Yup, Zomstruck’s a drop from these guys, and more importantly it is a cageable pet. I’d initially gone here to knock this Vanity pet off my want list, but once the first one dropped and I realised how good the Bodyguard XP was? I just kept going and the second pet I grabbed whilst farming sold for 8.5k gold on my low rent Server Auction House. Even if you don’t want to sell now, keeping this in the bank’s likely to act as a sound investment when Legion launches for the massive influx of new players, especially as this is an UNDEAD pet with an extremely interesting move set:


So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and knock off an achievement, whilst at the same time enjoy the benefit of a sweet extra wad of cash. You know it makes sense!


3 thoughts on “WoD :: Wingman Levelling Guide

  1. This is a fantastic set of posts you are doing on Legion and the dead zone time until the pre patch. I am picking up no end of useful tips on things I can be doing now. I am someone who really is never bored even at the end of an expansion, but your posts over the last week have given me a bit of organization and direction to my pre-Legion activities.

    Thanks, and keep ’em coming!


  2. Brilliant! Carpnado is hilarious — I farmed up three of the pets in under 30 minutes.
    Celebrating the waning days of Aspect of the Cheetah; bodyguard, gorilla, nomi and spring rabbit for a fine grind parade.


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