It may come as a surprise to some of you, after the revelation that I’m planning to level a Warlock in Legion as priority, that there’s also a plan to do the same with a Mage. As my Tailor/Enchanter, and with no Garrison buildings available to recycle green items this time around, having someone with the DE skill at cap is pretty much indispensable in any Expansion. Therefore it is significant that Keu is not only out and about, but is 110 as soon as possible, especially with the Professions changes I know are coming. Therefore, without further ado, let’s throw ourselves into the first ever #MageMonday.


There’s also some practical considerations using Keu more often in the weeks that follow: not only do I need current items DE-ing, but Legacy ones too, especially with the amount of mats required to fulfil my aspirations at game launch. That means this lady’s likely to be thrown through everything Classic Raid flavour and above in the weeks that follow. She’s also missing a metric butt-tonne of old recipes (most of which are BoP) that means I need her working, at least weekly, to pick up the goods. Mostly she never got used as a farmer because of her clothie nature, but now most old raids are one hit affairs? She’s utterly capable of doing the business. There’s also the real understanding that in the Transmog department, cloth is my next most used armour type and I have very little indeed in terms of actual items to use. Therefore it seems only right and proper to have two people redressing that balance, both with practical skills to help in Legion.


She’s also in dire need of a new outfit, and so all of this may also be part of the plan for a redesign of the look (though saying that, I think this is fairly cool.) For those of you who care about such things she’s been Frost since I rolled her (early TBC) and is officially the third longest character /played on my account. In fact I created my second account just so she could go on it and I could double box two players into old raids. Her bag skills were, for a long time, the only other reason I played her too, but that’s about to change, because the more I’ve played with her in Legion, the greater the urge has been to level her again as a priority. Mostly, I enjoy the play-style and the robustness of the class. No, I’m not tanking anything any time soon, but I can hold my own with confidence, and that’s more important.

So, say hello to the third part of my Legion levelling trio. I’ll be prepping her for the Expansion in the weeks that follow, and I hope you’ll join me in the journey.

3 thoughts on “Mage Monday :: Slow Hand

  1. That is a great idea for instant xp for your professions. Once the expansion opens, there will be a new cap (800?) on professions. If you had a bunch of hexweave bags to make, you’d be moving up right away.


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