It was announced yesterday that Blizzard is looking for help to test the pre-Expansion event on the Beta servers. If you’re available to play Legion, can I strongly suggest in the most politely insistent manner possible that you do just this? If you have never done one of these events before they go Live, it is utterly worth the effort just to stand there (sometimes in wide eyed wonder) and watch other people biffing mobs. As you can see from the featured image above, I only had a L1 in Ironforge for the Cataclysm pre-Expansion gubbins, but it was so utterly worth the effort. Sadly I don’t have any evidence of previous events via screenshots but let me assure you, they were even more awesome.

I’m now curious as to what will be awarded from this whole shebang, if anything. However what is likely to be more significant is how the current generation of players choose to report this.


Back when we got to liberate Gnomeregan, people were already complaining that the previous Expansion events were better. Yes, even back then there was this belief that the only good invasion was Scourge based, mostly because of those Zombies that allowed you to infect others and cause chaos wherever you happened to be. WELL I WON’T SPOIL YOU but actually, you’ll want to be doing this because it does, as it happen, rather closely resemble those classic Scourge events of old. What you win (if anything) as a result of this is yet to be seen, but what I was able to glean from Alpha tells me that only the most jaded of players is going to do this and feel aggrieved. I throw there’ll be some of you really annoyed regardless, but you’re the kind of guys who if give free money would complain it wasn’t enough to begin with.

For everybody else? Go fill your boots, people.


Mostly, there’s a special Test Server just for this. If I wasn’t stuck in the middle of a forest I would ABSOLUTELY be taking part, and if you have Beta access, YOU SHOULD TOO.

Go play, test and report back, people.

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