I’m still technically on my break until tomorrow, but today is all about organisation: next week I’m off to do Seven Days in Outland so there’s some thought to be applied there, but mostly today it’s about getting lists finalised and objectives firmly established. Mostly I want my notepads straight and the needs of my various alts covered, plus the targets I’m trying to reach exceed properly recorded. For the sake of clarity, let’s start that now, shall we?



My main is still the Big Show, no doubt about it. That places some more small-scale goals alongside the bigger ones:


Right now, that means that mounts remain a  priority but not at the expense of using time that’s better served farming or levelling an alt. The same’s true for the pet battler achievement, which is being whittled away with attempting to complete the Celestial Tournament, Pet Battle Dailies (1700 charms, people!) and hoping the Unborn Val’kyr spawns.


After that I pick up the Achievements where I can. I’ll advertise for Heroes later in the week (watch this space) and keep raking in the cash via the Garrison. Onyxia continues to fail to give me anything of value (BOO) but I’ll keep trying, plus this week I will make myself a list of exactly which mounts I need to farm, because that’s been lost in the process of clear-up since the start of the year. Mostly? ALL THE THINGS, DOING.



I am getting close to having the Horde Hunter at 100, with the Alliance Priest seven bars from 96. That means that today, at some point, I need to get everyone who can level at 90 talented, spell choiced and ready to roll in their particular locations. After these two are maxxed there are three other 90’s I think are doable in my timeframe (Shaman, Druid, Rogue) and looking at the number of lockboxes in my bank? Rogue getting the nod, most especially because I can stealth/pickpocket everything on the way. Once they are all done we’ll see where we are.



This one’s a lot more nebulous and indistinct, but mostly involves Transmog (see below), investment for future Expansions and making a quiet fortune for the Auction House. At some point in the next could of weeks I’m going to make a precise tally of just how much cash I have, and how much I can expect to make before Legion hits. I know big purchases are coming (I’ve seen them) and if I’m going to go that way? I’ll need to plan accordingly. The jury is very much out right now on whether I’ll want to invest in some of the stupid items being wafted at me, and until I’ve decided? Investment is the key.


After that? I’ll want to be gearing the Warlock and the Mage a little better than they already are, which means playing them in Tanaan for upgrades. I’m aiming for an iLevel 700 minimum to make levelling at least passably tolerable, and after that I’ll see where we go. There’s no stress here, most importantly, just the understanding that if I want to make real progress, I’ll need to spend some time once the pre-Expansion event hits making sure that I understand new rotations and I can at least bring the numbers. Also, because I have no idea what my Artefacts are as a Destro Lock/Frost Mage, probably not a bad time to do some research either.



Everybody gets a new outfit. NUFF SAID.



We’ll work it out as we go along, and if it is blog worthy? So much the better.

Yup, I think that covers it all. ON WITH THE FAFFING.

2 thoughts on “Burning Heart

  1. I don’t know what faffing is; dare I look it up? Running with my raid team, I’ve learn to avoid any word where the solution is: urban dictionary!
    That’s a pretty good list. I get lost on big long-term projects too; like mount running. The Achievement pane is just sort of okay, I know people who keep notebooks by their computer!


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