Okay, time to stop mucking about and do some actual work.


Here’s my Mage, stripped bare. I have no idea of what I should be doing with her in terms of enchants and gear, so the first order of business today is to pop along to Mr Robot and see how bad things are:


Actually, that’s not totally woeful: another 2.5% is not to be sniffed at, and if I can sort out a crafted ring for that last blue slot? In fact, I could stick a couple of crafted cloth items in here and make a big difference. The problem, of course, is the random statistical nature of all this gear.


Then, of course, I realised I have NO IDEA what the secondary stat suffixes actually are. So, I went and did what is always done in these situations: found out the information and then realised that if I don’t know, someone else won’t either. As a result, here’s a handy graphic :D



That means, I require ‘of the Deft’ items. I could make them myself, of course, but it might just be easier at this stage to check the Auction House first and see if I can get a bargain: except, there are some practical considerations to be grasped first. Time for a Gear Upgrade 101, at least the way I rationalise it.


Tier remains a Big Deal (TM), especially for the Mage who’s never stepped foot in a Raid. My two piece set (however pants it is) has come from Naval Missions: I make no bones about this, I’m a dirty scrub, but as long as those missions keep popping and I have a chance at an item? I won’t want to craft an item that could be superseded by a ‘useful’ bonus. More importantly, my weapon won’t need an upgrade: as I get an Artefact as soon as Legion starts, buying an upgrade now’s an effective waste of cash in my mind. This then means that my best bet at an upgrade is the blue ring I own (I have the 705 neck from Kazzak) and items not on my Tier set. However as I already own the 705 bracers and back from the Tanaan World Boss, that really leaves me with no other legitimate use for crafted gear at all. 

I think the best bet will therefore be to get the Warlock to make the Mage a ring and some reroll items in the hope I can get lucky, and call it a deal.


Then, there are the gems, and where I might normally cut a corner and just go Rare? The Epic gem for Multistrike is the one that I can buy for 3000g and 3000 Apexis. That means that today, once I’ve enchanted the Mage correctly I’ll go to the Lock and get her sorted with the recipe and then the gems themselves, before I work out what mats I need for a ring craft. All this took about 30 minutes to research as well, so it isn’t exactly rocket science to get yourself a bit better organised.


The temptation, of course, is to go for the highest iLevel at this point without considering the requirements of your character. As levelling is more forgiving than raiding, the process has a little more leeway. Mostly, it is understanding that as Cash is King when any Expansion begins, you want to save now rather than spend if at all possible. That means using the raw materials you possess and not purchasing anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. That’s plenty to think on for a Monday. As a result, I’ll also be faffing on my Warlock, who wasn’t even supposed to see daylight until Wednesday.

It’s amazing what you learn when you actually do some research.


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