Yesterday, Twitter exploded over of all things, Facebook. Yeah, that place that nobody talks about, but everybody reads when they think no-one is looking.


Remember all the fuss that happened when Blizzard stuck Twitter integration into Warcraft? Well, this is news is just like that only larger: EVERY Blizzard game will have the ability to utilise Facebook’s new API for their live stream service, ‘Live’ Catchy title, huh?


This is already being used by organisations such as Polygon; you can see their efforts here. It’s like Twitch without the toxic chat or You Tube without the sexist subtext. Mostly, with Facebook’s own banning and blocking rules? It’s probably attractive as an alternative for that fact alone. Especially if you are in a minority.


Except yesterday some people seemed to think you’d be obliged to log in using Facebook, that there’d be no choice in the matter… and all manner of other horrendous speculation on the End of Streaming as we know it. Nothing is probably further from the truth. What Facebook gives the average gamer is a chance for greatness, or to just share their Raid with mates. It allows the opportunity to save your best moments in a place where they can then be shared to a worldwide audience and all you need to do is open a web browser.


This is the Future. Sharing stuff, between groups of people. It’s why Facebook is as fucking huge as it undoubtedly is. It will not mark the Apocalypse. In fact, it will open the doors to anyone and everyone who wants to stream. there will be no restrictions. EVERYBODY gets a chance to be a hero.


That’s the point with Twitter integration in Azeroth: not for you to take pictures of yourself, but to show them to your friends. That’s what Facebook Live is betting on. That’s the future for this platform, away from the vitriol of Twitch, on a far wider stage, and not just for gamers: artists, entertainers, sportsmen, and news organisations. It is a marketing man’s dream, and has never been exploited by Activision Blizzard correctly. Until now.


Mostly? I’m gonna try this, for no other reason than it’s here and I want to give the thing a spin. Watch this Space.

Also, don’t worry, it’s not quite the Apocalypse just yet.

3 thoughts on “Carousel

  1. Being able to define a solid line between our professional lives and our gaming lives is important. Already you are judged by your social media when applying for a job.
    That being said: it is terrific for advertising the games!


  2. My only hope is that I can redirect to a page rather than my own facebook wall under my real name. Then it might get interesting.

    My mom has no interest or understanding of “the warcrafts”, same likely goes for the other family I have on FB.


  3. I agree, this does sound exciting. I am hoping there will be some information/guides about how to set this up separately to personal facebook accounts. Still not sure if I would stream, but it’s nice to know there are other options out there other than twitch.
    Very interested to see how this all plays out!


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