The following was written for Twitter user @roneebean as a prize for my Inaugural Poetry Contest. I’ll also provide Ron with an audio reading of the poem, which I’ll post here when complete. Ron was kind enough to provide me with a number of details of his character, favourite places in game and his loves, all of which (I hope) I have incorporated into the narrative successfully. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

To Ron: I hope I have done your Shaman justice.

Memories of Green

His hands, cold comfort pressed to Ironforge stone,
The totems placed, to draw hard strength from Earth.
A journey long begun yet never stopped;
Krasarang’s embrace a solid worth.

The worg perceives this work with quiet assent.
His constant, both companion and friend.
In early morning, waiting for their flight,
To take them to the place that both will mend.

Returning soon to places still defiled,
With cleansing rain to soothe what Orcs have maimed;
Pandaren legacy, rebuilt anew,
Repairing what should never have been claimed.

His heart remains attached to home and kin,
Food, ale and fish such constants in the cold.
The mighty Hammer Army pounding strong;
Determined to wrench good from terror’s hold.

This Shaman’s craft is life to quietly wield:
The task to heal another troubled land.
Pandaria will once again live strong,
Turn green and vibrant from this master’s hand.

Comments are, of course, very much invited.

3 thoughts on “POETRY CONTEST :: Memories of Green

  1. This is lovely! I think my favorite line is “With cleansing rain to sooth what Orcs have maimed”. Nice visual imagery of healing something.


  2. That last stanza <3 And I also love the “cleansing rain” line as Jen mentioned above.
    This is really lovely, Alt! And congrats to Roneebean on such a wonderful prize :)


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