I read this morning that the Beta Invasion Event’s been rescheduled for THIS EVENING, so you can expect to see me there in the 24 hours that follow. In the meantime I wanted to thank @WarcraftDevs for sticking Achievement points on collecting Treasures per zone rather than just one huge points score for the lot (screenie above is from MMO Champion.) For someone like me, who puts a lot of store on this part of game play, the reward is now considerably better than it was.

Mostly, it’s just reassuring to know that this stuff’s still being thought about three months before release.


There are an awful lot of us who play alone, even though this game is pretty much pushing you at every possible opportunity to do the opposite. Of course you get much more out of life in a group, but for someone like me (plays at odd hours, not comfortable with people I don’t know from time to time) it is often just not practical. So, you make your fun where you can, and to be able to rack up ‘easy’ points when you do so is always a bonus. For me that creates a sense of longevity in content that doesn’t exist for those players who want everything to be new and fresh, all the time. I don’t care if content’s coming up for being a year old (but I can appreciate the annoyance from some who do) my main concern is having stuff to do when I’m able to log on.


That means being organised too, and you know how much I enjoy doing that. However, this assumes that the puzzles and items become easy to find and you don’t need a guide. There’s still some work to do there but, at least in my limited experience, what I’ve seen on Alpha/Beta suggests that items are certainly plentiful and easy to find. I’m hoping there are more than 60 treasures in Stormheim so that it isn’t about locating the exact number, because that in my mind makes a Guide an essential part of your game equipment when it should only be a last resort. 60 treasures though makes this sound as if it won’t be a thing I knock off in a couple of hours. In fact, that number associates with a measure of longevity I can utterly get behind.



I feel a lot of people’s problem with remaining in content is that they feel there’s nothing exciting for them to complete. I find collecting very rewarding, especially in a virtual environment where the only cost (effectively) is my own time. Of course for many that’s hours they could be spending in Overwatch or playing Final Fantasy: yeah, I could be building empires in Civilisation or wasting time on mobile games (1010 is my current fave, pay to remove the adds, utterly worth it) but with the emotional investment I have in Azeroth? It’s cool to come back and check on how characters are doing, and redesign mogs, and generally prepare myself for the oncoming launch. I’m happy to waste time on old things, and if they don’t get complete once the new stuff arrives? I’ll still have things to do in the long run. If I wanted to stop playing, I’d just walk away.

That still isn’t happening any time soon.


One thought on “BETA :: Travellin’ Light

  1. I like my achievements!
    I don’t like Jumping Puzzles.
    When the solution is “look it up on Wowhead” it might be bad design; I’m pleased to see that avenue much less in questing and if it is some bizarre design (which I appreciate) I have no pride, I’ll look it up when I’m lost.!!

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