This weekend, you’ll be wanting to farm Apexis Crystals. It isn’t just because there’s the Weekly Quest to do so, but that’s definitely an advantage. Apexis allow you to purchase Empowered Apexis Fragments from Ravenspeaker Thelnaas in Tanaan, which will automatically update your Tanaan gear to iLevel 695. As the Fragments are BoA? No excuse not to use the currency productively. This morning’s Guide therefore is about multi-tasking, and making the most of the Bonus Weekend in order to complete those Objective Mission Achievements you’ve not done. For the purposes of this Guide, I picked an outstanding task that was going to take a bit of work:


In this case ‘freeing slaves’ in Frostfire Ridge takes three forms:




Cages have a nasty respawn timer, and to free the slaves you’ll need to kill Ogres in the same area who drops keys. More importantly in  6.1 it was made that Frozen Slaves (iceberg right above) also count towards this total (which don’t need you to be on the Daily Quest) but I’m not here to finish stuff as fast as I can [gasp!] What’s far more important is to multi-task and maximise my potential.


There’s one very good reason I’m here killing things and not cutting corners: Assault Quests are the means by which you trigger Garrison InvasionsKilling mobs in these zones is how I get to try and attain Platinum Status, so I don’t want to neccersairily always take the quickest route, I need to be biffing mobs wherever possible. However, what if my Assault Objective isn’t on the daily table? Well, that’s where Garrison Resources come in:


Go find Sergeant Crowler in your Alliance Garrison, or Sergeant Grimjaw in your Horde Garrison. They will sell you a Quest for 200 Resources, for the particular Assault Quest you require. Once it’s done, you can turn it in at your Garrison Mission Table, pick up the reward of 800 Apexis (1000 for Group quests) and it will not only count towards your 5 Apexis Objectives, but help trigger a Garrison Invasion. So, I’ll be doing as many of these as I need to complete Breaker of Chains, then I’ll move onto the next Achievement and the next Missive. Anyone with a L3 garrison can do this, remember, and it isn’t just Apexis as a reward:


You’ll make back the Garrison Resources you spent on the Missives, get Valor to update items and 1500 Oil is a fair few Naval Missions to boot. Mostly, it’s an embarrassment of riches. This is probably the best way to get Alts better geared without spending any gold, and its on until Monday. What are you waiting for?

In Conclusion:

  • Stack your objectives
  • Maximise your time online


Took me four trips, and I also triggered an Ogre Invasion.

Job’s a good ‘un!


So, what are you waiting for!

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