There was a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth yesterday on my Twitter timeline once it became widely apparent that the key crafting material in Legion for high-end items, the Blood of Sargeras, is BoP. I wasn’t going to pass comment on this, but having woken up this morning to someone quite keen to make trouble whether I wanted it or not, I think it’s time to fuck the haters and just make my point. I’ve been wrong on so many things over the years, including most recently Garrisons, I don’t see how digging my hole any deeper makes a jot of difference to anything.

You see, I love that Blood is BoP, and suddenly that the Squatting Warcraft population has to start making what will be really hard decisions over the casual end of game play.


Yesterday, being told by many people that BoP mats meant I’d have to delete a profession as a result of this change if my character practised two made me shake my head in disbelief. I am well aware of those who min/max everything at an Expansion start, and that this practice ultimately may make you happy but I am of the opinion it is pretty unhealthy when all we’re talking about is pixels. There, I said it. I say this because when I did this over a period of several years, it became unhealthy for me. I’m not telling you how to play your game, and neither is Blizzard. At no point will anyone force you to delete a Profession. If that happens, ultimately, the choice will be yours based on the say-so of a few people who have decided they know best. Well, if that’s the case, I may as well throw my hat into the ring and state that, as it stands, you don’t have to craft the best gear at the start of an Expansion. Nobody makes you do anything.

Maybe you could find a better way to cope with change than this approach.


Making Blood BoA (as now seems to be the ‘answer’ to all issues) means that nothing changes. All this hard work by the Dev Team on altering the way things work, giving levels and granting Quests has no real value if you make the key component to craft that freely available. The key here is to give Professions an actual value, by making you choose what to do. Blizzard don’t tell you to delete all your Legacy Tailoring recipes, they offer you a way to play the game where that Profession can be used in a new way. It means for those of us who farm regularly, that value’s finally placed in those hours of work. You don’t just log in for 30 minutes a day and become a Skinner, Herbalist or Miner. Mostly, for new players (and this is VITAL, squatting population) having a profession/gathering combination becomes really viable and enjoyable and adds TWO extra levels of immersive questing to your time in game.

Blizzard didn’t do this to shaft the existing player base. They need new people to play this MMO, or the game dies. That’s what this is for, New AND old players alike, to have to make meaningful choices with a part of the game that for 11 years was pretty much an afterthought. Why do people need to react so badly to change when it is actually the best thing that’s happened in a decade?


For me, at least, the future is bright. There is also, of course, a very real chance that I’m totally wrong about this direction. This could end up ruining professions for a whole different bunch of people, but from what I’ve played so far in Alpha/Beta. It was joyous. I had a real sense of purpose after years of crafting as simply the thing you did when you didn’t raid/quest/arena. I don’t give a flying fuck how much money any of this new shit will make, or whether I’ll be raid ready wearing this gear, because that’s not how I play this game any more. I’ve seen what that does to other people, and myself, and frankly I’m better off never doing either again. For the casual, LFR player that I have now become? This is the best thing that’s happened to Professions since Vanilla.

You may well think differently, and that’s utterly fine, but if you tell me Blizzard’s forcing you to delete characters because of this and they should just make the Blood’s BoA?

We’re just going to have to agree to differ and move on.

6 thoughts on “BETA :: Let it Bleed

  1. This made me really nervous at first because I’ve always been a skinner/herbalist. Its how I made money. I’ve never been good at working the AH or knowing the right stuff in game to farm to make decent gold, hell I’ve never broken 100k. But then I remembered how much garrisons fucked me anyway when it came to making money on gathered mats. I’m actually kind of curious where this will go. Maybe after 10 years its time for me to try out an actual crafting profession. Its exciting to try something new.

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  2. What is your favorite grinding music? I have ten Eric Clapton CDs, that might get me one piece of crafted gear. Political Talk Radio never ends, that might get me one piece of crafted gear. I think there is a Pia Zadora marathon scheduled for September.

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  3. I’d be pretty happy with BoA crafting reagents. Having to farm ingredients over multiple characters is the kind of thing that has caused players to burn out.

    I’d actually take it a step further and have a centralised guild-like reagent bank for ALL characters on a single account.

    I’d love not having to mail multiple items over many characters. And 12 years on, this should probably be a standard feature.


    • They either have to fish (low drop), get Wardens rep up and do the shoulder enchant, do world quests/world bosses, or delete enchanting and take up a gathering profession as it currently stands.

      That is, if they’re using the “standard” tailor/enchant pairing like previous expansions have assumed.


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