Yesterday, my Horde hunter hit 100.

It’s been a slow process of whittling away at my objectives, and with a free day yesterday between bouts of real life commitments? I did my best to push for progress. I collected treasures and made the most of my flying ability, and it wasn’t just Eisuse who benefited. My priest (still desperately clinging to Holy spec) did a level and a half, and the Rogue finally made it past 90. There are reasons for both making it to max level, not simply for gear upgrades. With the professions changes front and centre, there needs to be some serious choices made about who actually does what come Legion. For me, it has never been about being able to craft everything. I love collecting recipes. In this regard therefore having crafting materials BoP makes not one jot of difference. It’s the recipe’s bind status that matters more, and if I need people to make stuff? Maybe it is time to start again from scratch.


Having a massive Hunter family suddenly has new advantages to exploit. At least three of my family are double gatherers, mostly because of the financial benefits as I was levelling. Knowing how professions change in Legion, I’m very likely to drop one of these on every one who is doubled up and make them ‘appropriate’ pairings: in the case of Eisuse that will be Jewelcrafting because the +600 gems are already looking like a solid seller (being BoE) Kumiho, who is my primary Herbalist, will do Inscription and I’ll make sure the Druid Herbalist/Alchemist is the next one up to level. That leaves Tailoring as the only ‘hole’ and as Keu has been an Enchanter/Tailor since TBC? She’ll be the one I’ll be looking at to ensure her fishing skill is maximised before launch.


The Fishing Artefact’s a big deal for me, and I’m probably going to grind for at least one on Pherian as well. That’s an aesthetic choice for the Hunter, but if the Tailor can supply her own Bloods and not worry about a gathering skill? So much the better.


There are undoubtedly some interesting decisions to be made in the weeks that follow. I can understand why people will be upset at the design choices, but am amazed at the short memories so many people seem to have: after all, BoP is not new at Expansion launch, and expecting everything to be used by everybody when you’re in a competitive environment? It will never happen. I’d like to think it might, but as soon as that threshold gets crossed, the value of most of people’s hard work and effort is effectively reduced to zero. It is not like there won’t be any way to make money in Legion other than professions, after all. It will require a readjustment, and although I’ll freely admit I’m not the greatest person at responding to change? I’m sure even I can manage to get my arse in gear.

Change is coming, and is inevitable. Time to get ready.



One thought on “Making Your Mind Up

  1. The fishing Artifact looks like a lot of fun. If it is the only single sole avenue for a dual-crafter, then clearly, the investment by the designers and players will be warranted.
    There is so much we don’t know. During Burning Crusade, many of us brought a friend to do the fishing dailies so we could fish unmolested by pathing mobs; will it be that much fun? It was slow but to use the buzzword for Legion, it was “meaningful”.


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