Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the current State of the Alts:


Yup, I have six Hunters at L100. Yes, you judge away, but actually each one is utterly unique and I love them all to bits. However, as has been previously established, I’m levelling Mage and Warlock first with the Dwarf, so there will be a bit of variety. On the Race to 100 side of things? Priest will stagger to 98 today, and then we’ll let her pick up rested for the last two levels. Rogue’s gonna keep pickpocketing and levelling until her rested runs out, then we’ll rinse and repeat. That means this week we’ll see the Shammy in the air, whilst the Druid works out WTF passes for Boomkin rotation these days and gets a Garrison established.

After that? There’s the Monk, Druid and Horde Rogue, and depending on when the nod comes for Pre-Expansion? We’ll see.


I spent a large proportion of yesterday dragging the Hordie around various places, using Apexis to upgrade where I could, doing quests for rewards. Next up is picking up ‘Free’ Followers (who require little or no work to recruit) so I can start maximising my Garrison gains right up to Expansion start. If you want to do this too? There’s a graphic for this :D



After Garrison stacking, the next big task is to look at gear. I’ve already established that iLevel 700 is a good benchmark, and as close as I can get everyone to this would be smashing. After that, I’m looking at the Invasion event to fill in my gaps.


Screenshot from Wowhead

As is often the case, the time before an Expansion gives you the opportunity to earn some of the harder to find upgrades: rings, trinkets and necklaces. This will be of significant use to every alt, especially as I’ve consciously chosen never to finish the legendary Ring questline this time around. This means Pher’ll be the one grinding out the Transmog gear, and everyone else can turn up for their individual needs. So you know, a transmog set should take four ‘encounters’ to collect, everything else just two. Plus there are chances of weapon upgrades from chests, and that is good news for everybody.

Let’s hope that we hear about the end of the PvP Season soon, because that means that the pre-Expansion event is on the way…

4 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. “, a transmog set should take four ‘encounters’ to collect, everything else just two.” could you expand on this a little? Is this from the expansion event? Are there four pieces to this tmog set?


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