Once upon a time, there’d be a desire to take certain people to task over their perceptions. However, there’s no time left for that, not with an Expansion coming, so this morning I’m late to the web browser because lots and lots AND LOTS of faffing has been going on. It isn’t just the iLevel dance either: there’s stuff to be done in Garrisons I’ll have no real desire to go back and do once Legion his and as a result? Digit extraction MUST BE DONE:


Two of my alts have the Workshop, and I’m logging in and respawning items from the Level Two structures in the hope I’ll do enough to trigger this Achievement. Once upon a time the real trick would have been to use these ‘augmentations’ in a fun and jolly way whilst questing, but now all I care about is the Achievement. If you want a metaphor for the Expansion, you can take that one for nothing, with my complements.


That’s how far I got in two hours without ever leaving my structure. I don’t think that was ever the point ^^ Anyway, no time for navel contemplation, I gotta get people organised, and I know that my iLevel range on the 100’s goes from 709 (Pherian) to 638 (recently minted Horde Hunter.) I’m also making the most of that modest stockpile of Tanaan upgrade items, and I dropped three on my Draenei Hunter this morning, allowing here to go from the 687 pictured above to 696, with attendant Achievementfest to boot:


Oh, if only points counted from every alt, but I digress. Aiming for 700 as a benchmark will not be unreasonable, especially with (as we mentioned yesterday) the Invasion event items. Once I have alts at the magic 700 we’ll start packing them away for later use, and continue to see how many can have Followers/Shipyards making money right up until the end of August.


Meanwhile the Bankalts make good money selling the stuff that falls from the Garrisons un-needed. Yes, I lose the occasional boat but it’s hardly the end of the World.

I have this organisational thing shaping up rather nicely.

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