So, a Dwarf walks into the PTR, and once it’s apparent she can’t do anything outside her Garrison because the lag is so awful? Time to see what I’ll be doing once the pre-Expansion patch hits. First off? Fabulous is covered. I’ll have 21 shirts in the mail and 15 tabards in my bags the night before the Patch hits (still guessing July 20th for the EU) and then, the title is mine. This is my own bit of competitive spirit, I’ll have the title on patch day. Put your labels away, because I guarantee they’ll not be as amazeballs as mine. So neurgh.


Next up, this is a lovely touch. As Hunters will be able to travel gun-free in Legion, and the pre-Expansion introduces all the new Specs? You need a Spear as Survival. My inurance covers that, but clearly not enough to give an update to my 715 Crossbow :( I KNEW I should have spent more money, DAMN.


And then there’s Toys (which did not copy over correctly on the PTR, so I can’t tell what is missing or what will be changed) but I cleared at least a dozen spaces in my bags from items that weren’t previously marked as playthings. Mostly, it means that before I even think about playing anybody, there’ll be a PHENOMENAL AMOUNT of clean up, across all the alts. It’s not like I could play in the PTR anyway, if I want to try Beast Mastery I should get myself to Beta.


Yeah, I’m gonna be waiting on PTR for a while. Let’s give a mention to the Wardrobe briefly in the meantime:


The Good News (of which there is much) appears to be that you will be adding shizzle on a toon by toon basis, so remember to log in EVERYBODY. Pher only owns 4 shirts so ideally I should log everyone else in before seeing how many extra I need, but as they all count towards the total? GET THEM ALL. That means going to the Argent Tournament to buy the Doublets and old Dalaran for the snazzy Antiseptic Soaked Dressing (other vendors are available) Mostly, expect a post on Shirt Collection next week.


Then there are Tabards, and the joy of wearing the Competitor’s Tabard on whoever the Hell I like is not likely to diminish at any point. After that? Gotta see how many of the 81 I can find. BECAUSE twitches COMPLETIONISM twitches.

I am very encouraged by what I see  so far. Once I’m back after the Weekend?



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