Our primary goal for appearances is to ensure that all appearances that a character can currently use as a transmog source in Warlords of Draenor will continue to use that transmog source in Legion. We know of a few Beta issues that violate this rule (racial restrictions, armor type changes), and we’re working through them. However, we will probably have a few appearances that are still missing (examples: low-level mail/leather conversions). Don’t panic! Let us know what we missed, and we’ll address them as soon as we can.


I’d be utterly untruthful if I didn’t say my excitement for Transmog is now at ‘dreaming about it’ levels. In fact, after yesterday, I’m suddenly thinking about just how much old content I can run on alts just to fill banks up with items. If I collect on a class by class basis? World is my lobster. In fact, now I come to think about it, why am I here writing when I should be in game collecting?


I’ll be logging in now.


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