I do quite a lot of planning in game, on any given day. Normally this is enough to prepare me for the unexpected, but it is fair to say that you can never be truly ready for everything. There comes a point where you need to decide what matters most. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m at least in part deluding myself as to the way I’ve played in recent months? There will, inevitably, be a period of introspection. The trick, of course, is not to make all this navel gazing occur at the expense of what is, like it or not, a very strict timescale for the game’s evolutionary process. It cannot be long now before we get the warning that the current PvP Season is about to end, and with next week’s Dev Chat being about Player v Player content?

Honestly, the end cannot be far away.


That means I’m better off served in the short term getting my Alts levelled to 100, and pretty much carrying on as normal. The problem with this, of course, is that there’s this persistent sense of guilt whilst this happens on the back of the understanding that nothing’s actually improved. In this instant response time World we now live in, this seems a bit of a lie to yourself, when it is apparent that change is required. However, affecting that is really hard, because when you’re aware of the consequences of action, there is a desire to tread carefully.

The first question that needs addressing is what is it that I actually want from Legion, because that’s a question that as yet has not even been answered. What I know has to happen is that I need to push myself into situations I’m not as yet comfortable with, and not expect to be ‘carried’ as a result of… well, anything really. In the first instance, that’s probably going to end up as PvP, and that will require me to equip a Hunter and be able to play them to a fairly decent standard with the new spell-sets being presented. I suspect that’s where the soon-to-be-created Gnome Hunter will fit into the equation, because re-learning Battlegrounds is gonna be a tough ask. There’s a part of me that would like to try Arenas again, just because, but I shouldn’t try to run before I walk.


This means that once I’ve written this post and gone to the Gym, treadmill thinking time that would normally be devoted to writing will be placed on what it is exactly I want from my Warcraft life. I have a Horde alt with a friend on another Server to my main, which I’ll want to potter and level with as time goes on. I need to see who actually returns to my Alliance Guild come Invasion Time to gauge whether that’s a place I’ll stay in going forward. After that? It’s a big nebulous cloud of ‘not a clue’ because without the current obligation tying me to a Raiding team or dedicated five man? The only option is indeed alone.

I asked for people to offer me a Guild place a while back: I got one response, and although I really love a number of the people who are there, I know in the long term it wouldn’t work for me. I suspect that, if I choose to go it alone, I will be best served finding a Guild where I know no-one and nobody is aware of what I am, and we just start from scratch, because the burden of knowledge on both sides of any equation can be quite the issue when you’re trying simply to prove your worth. I have no pretensions of grandeur, and the biggest obstacle that needs to be overcome is myself. It may well be that I end up being wise to PuG my way though Legion as an exercise in how friendly that path has become. ‘Playing with friends’ may be Blizzard’s new watch phrase, but actually I sense this could for some end up as a poisoned chalice.


Again, a lot of this will depend on who returns to play, and that includes my Husband, who has been notably absent from Azeroth for some time now. Until that fact can be determined with accuracy, I am pretty much on my own anyway, because the main reason I began playing was to do so with him. While everyone else prevaricates, however, there is the knowledge that time is running out for me to organise ahead of change, and that will never do. In fact, I should be at the Gym now and not wasting my Saturday morning here with words.

There is, undoubtedly, an awful lot to think about.

2 thoughts on “Think

  1. I think, like a siren’s song, I got caught up in the allure of the Alts in WoD and spent very much a lot of time on Alts and leveling them so that I could wallow in gold. I felt that the opportunity was too great to pass up.
    In Legion, I’m anticipating some of the flavor of past expansions in focusing on having a Main and seeing how far I can go — which means taking full advantage of the LFG tool. I didn’t fully exploit the freedom and release from the ten-man lock-out; old habits and learning new rules. I’ll be with my guild’s raid team but I want to also see how far I can go as me, the character and player.


  2. Now, I want to add that the burden of four different third-party chat programs like Mumble, TeamSpeak, Vent and Discord and more really is just that; a burden that I wish I didn’t have to sustain.


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