In the chaos between Thursday and here, quite a bit happened in game, most notable of which is that the number of mounts I require via Legacy farming has reduced by one. Part of me, amazingly, is sad that I no longer need to fly to Mudspocket. Maybe it is all those years of repetition that have finally broken my brain, I will never know. What I do understand is that there needs to be a serious organisation of what mounts are left and how I farm them at some point in the future, because a lot of what I now desire is hidden behind fairly involved instance lock outs. However, I am wondering if that might yet change going forward. The reason why I mention this has a lot to do with a line of text in the current PTR Patch Notes:


I find myself thinking this is a fairly odd thing to be shoved into a patch of massive, almost seismic change. Except of course, if Blizzard are considering taking instance locks off other Legacy content? It makes sense to start small. If you could do Dragon Soul on a daily reset, would it devalue the drops? Probably not at this stage, because an individual would be offsetting time to play new content against the old stuff. Would it really make any difference to anything? Nope. That means in the end, its about opening old content to players as and when they desire to use it, and with places such as Ulduar having their own mechanics to mean that getting to farm Mimiron’s Head isn’t a 30 second sprint?

Legacy instances could be on the same reset timer as Heroics. That makes sense.


Opening up the Old World to the vast swathe of new players when Legion launches is perfectly logical, that you’ll be providing a MASSIVE boost to players for whom what matters is convenience over longevity, because for people like me the point was never we had run out of stuff to do in the first place. That criticism is reserved for those who love to do everything at launch, and for them this might even provide some much needed comic relief away from the new sprint to 110. As Blizzard stick people back in Old World content to pick up their Artefacts, one assumes some of them might end up being interested in playing that too.


You don’t stick summat like this in your patch notes just because, after all. If AQ20 is a test bed for those wanting to pick up Transmog gear once the Appearances feature goes live? One assumes that the numbers will be gauged, to see if people actually go and play in it daily. I’d argue if you wanted a better test of popularity you’d be better served sticking somewhere like the Eye of Eternity on the list too, because that’s a static single fight with potentially a DOUBLE mount carrot at the end. If this isn’t the intent with this change? I’m wondering what’s up, or whether there might yet be consideration to scaling tech in Instances long term.

Either way, I’ll be giving AQ20 a look once the pre-Expansion patch goes live.


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