I’m quietly confident that we’ll be getting our two weeks notice today from Brian Holinka, that the current PvP Season’s gonna end on July 5th. The fact this co-incides with a weekend of PvP Bonus event over the July 4th holiday in the US? SO MUCH THE BETTER. Whether I’ll watch today’s PvP Dev Chat or not? I have to say, the potential for Twitch chat to be a toxic pool of scum and villainy is quite high. More importantly, do I care about PvP in Legion to begin with?

Surprisingly, there is less ambivalence than I had expected.


This is where I remind people I earned the 50k PvP Kills achievement on a single character. It isn’t like I’ve never done this shit, but once Rated was introduced, the desire to play solo pretty much disintegrated. However, the re-design of the System means I realise that at least one of the many Hunters I own could happily do PvP without disadvantaging anybody. At the back of my mind it’s the Gnome Hunter that will pick up the banner, just because I know how annoying the Horde find them. As to whether I’d grind to Prestige? I probably would. Don’t look so surprised. If you’re gonna do anything in Azeroth, you may as well do it to an acceptable standard, after all. Plus, it gives me something to write about, and that’s never a bad thing.


There you have it. I am going to do PvP. Probably with a measure of seriousness.

If you want to lie down, there’s a space over there /points.

2 thoughts on “Nobody Wins

  1. As someone who enjoys PvP but generally ends up falling behind of gear by mid season, I’m looking forward to a level playing field again. I’ve always played not to obsessively win, but to experience a different play style to PvE, and hopefully the changes will entice a few of my guildies to queue up with me. If not, sounds like solo play will still be fun.

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  2. Oddly, I do want to play more PvP. I’ve felt that there are specialists who build macros and have addons that can make the battle less fun because I get zerged on and /spit on (by the way, why have they not removed /spit?). But I love the pace! The speed and my determination to get revenge is unholy and unhealthy for any broad length of time but in the short term: fantastic!


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