It took a shade under 350 solves. I’ve been at this since December 2010. Last night, after a brilliant evening of hard work and results, Mount #265 was realised.

However, I’m already getting ahead of myself.


One of my long-term goals before Legion was 20k Achievement Points. Last night, I ventured into Ulduar for the first time alone ever, and was able to knock of a fair number of the outstanding 10 Man achievements required. I also managed to complete the Darktide Roost Incursion achievements in one hit, and almost have another Bodyguard max levelled.


That was the plan yesterday, nothing else. Knock off a major goal to grant myself a sense of achievement to help moving forward, and once I’d done, was ready to go to bed. I’ve been plugging away at Pandarian Archaeology solves quietly over the last few weeks, but decided I’d use my crated artefacts instead to do some Tol’vir work. I couldn’t even look at the screen as I did it, because it had become that painful to keep throwing effort at this for no return.

When I looked back at the screen, I’ll admit, I screamed.


Ever since AQ40 existed, I wanted this Mount. It was a goal coming up for six years, and I realised that to get it I’d have to be one of two things: incredibly focused, or incredibly lucky. To grind it would mean using time I needed for more important things, and so the desire was quietly sublimated. Every so often, I’d knock off a couple of solves between working on the other Achievements, sigh, and move on. Ironically, as was the case with Onyxia’s mount, I wasn’t doing this last night because I wanted the thing, I was gambling in the hope that the game would grant me a break. This, in essence, is what the new loot rules assume players will do: go to places on the off-chance something might drop, not get upset if it doesn’t and have a pleasant surprise if it does.

Yup, it’s always been gambling. Now, it seems less obvious.


Now, I have the mount I’ll use in Legion until I get flying, and then probably until I stop playing. That’s how much this matters, make no mistake. This is the pinnacle of my mount farming career, and even a Moose would not come close to this. I beat this content. I bettered Archaeology. Suddenly I don’t give a flying fuck about any mount from a Meta, or ANYTHING that was rewarded from killing a boss. Take your Moose and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. This content’s never been nerfed. It’s exactly as it was originally intended, and I BEAT IT.


I love this game. Time to get better prepared for Legion as a result.

7 thoughts on “Digging your Scene

  1. New loot rules? as a avid but dissapointed mount hunter that got to 250 and stopped (very recently) burned out by the lack of luck in Utgarde in particular – what are the new rules and how, is anything, do they improve rare drop farming?


  2. Good things do come to those who wait. But also for those that put in the work for them. Congrats. The meaning this mount has for you is what the Moose meant to me. May you have many hours of riding, whispers of where did you get that, and many a “Don’t Care” reply for haters. 😄


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