To clarify, [SPOILERS REDACTED] will take place during the weeks leading up to Legion’s launch. Each week, more of the story will be revealed.

Players logging in after Legion’s launch will see what you see when you start a new character on the beta today. You will progress from the Broken Shore, through the aftermath and introduction of the Illidari, then immediately get a missive from Khadgar telling you that Dalaran is about to teleport.

Players that missed these stories as they were played out in-game over the pre-launch weeks can request to see them from Archivist Elysiana in Dalaran at any time.


Well, that answers that question. I’ll need to have a laptop on Holiday with me or I’ll miss the events leading up to Legion, as they’re time-specific and I’m away at the end of that period.

You’ve also been warned. If you’re that way inclined, you’ll need to log on through the entire process of the pre-Expansion Patch, because they won’t happen all at once. I’d also argue that there’ll be a Feat of Strength stuck in there somewhere, because there always is.

However, could I suggest a look at the online comic that starts this sequence off?


This isn’t just a comic, it has sound and movement, and is a part of Blizzard’s gradual shift into Transmedia. You can find it here and it is well worth your time and effort. It also puts to rest one of the major criticisms of Warlords: lore still matters to this company, and going forward there really should be no complaints over the quality of story in Legion. The memo about slacking has not only been read, but soundly digested.

Story is BACK in Legion, and the future looks very bright indeed.

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