I don’t pay much attention to the Official Warcraft Twitter feed (especially as for a large part of the past couple of days its been employing automated tech to ‘sell’ Faction loyalty.) However, this nugget appeared overnight, and a little look at the data mining sites suggests that there might well be BETA KEY GIVEAWAYS upcoming.

Either that, or we’ll be getting Fel Chocolate giveaways once the US wakes up again.

If we do see public Beta key giveaways? We know that the pre-Expansion’s not far off (still betting on July 19th/20th here) and this could quite easily begin a process of continuous hype up until that point. It isn’t as if there’s anything else particularly to do on Live (dungeon event this week) and I know all you good people doing double shifts to get your Bucket Lists finished.

Mostly, I sense a Hype Train coming.


2 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. I know we talked about how it would be very unlikely. But I wonder if they are going to drop an open beta as a means to keep people logging in until the pre-patch.


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