You were planning for July 19th as your D-Day for the pre-Patch, right?

That turned out not to be such a bad idea.


It transpires that you won’t lose your Moose privileges at this time, either, so THAT’S A BONUS:

If you’re only here for Demon Hunters? You get a heads up in Blizzard’s pre-Expansion blog post as to when they’ll go live too:

That means, for some of you, it is finally time to address that large pile of Storage Crates in your Garrison…

If this was just an isolated thing you might think some people had too much time on their hands, but it’s really not:

Oh, and because I love you all, I’ll steal this macro tip from my timeline to help you expedite your unpacking :D

/use Big Crate of Salvage
/use Bag of Salvaged Goods
/use Crate of Salvage

Thank you to @ladyrhees for the advice.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got Missions to complete :D

4 thoughts on “LEGION :: The Final Countdown

  1. I’ve only been stockpiling crates for a few weeks — I’d been opening them when the stack got up to 11 or 12 — so most of my 14 characters with active level 3 Garrisons have around 40 crates, plus or minus a few.


    • Ah, I was misremembering — thinking most of my characters have only two full stacks of crates, plus or minus a few, when really most of them have three full stacks of crates, plus or minus a few. To be exact, as of today’s mission returns, I have 897 Big Crates of Salvage and 174 Bags of Salvaged Goods.


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