I really want to be playing today, and not writing about the game, but I feel compelled to make at least a passing comment surrounding a feeling I know a lot of people might be experiencing currently. However organised I might suggest you be, or indeed others appear to have become, sometimes this just doesn’t happen. I know a lot of people will have stared this weekend at where their characters are in game and panicked: I certainly did this with my Horde hunter, and I’m pretty well set. It can be hugely intimidating to try and sort out a mess if you can’t work out the best way to begin. Today, let me tell you what I’m going to do with every character I intend to level immediately, in preparation for Legion.


To level in any Expansion, I have a preparation ritual. It involves consciously letting go of the previous content (before the next begins) and focusing only on what is to come. That means making sure anyone who’s on the ground is prepared with the following:

  • A maxxed First aid skill and at least one stack of bandages depending on their self-protection skills or if they are a healer.
  • A stack of appropriate max level +stat flasks
  • A stack of appropriate food
  • A stack of First Aid potions
  • A bar in my UI where all these things are accessible and can be easily used

For many of you, this will seem largely unnecessary, but for me it’s the equivalent of a safety blanket or training wheels until I hit 110. Being uncertain of exactly what helpful items will drop when I start the levelling process, it is a good idea (in my mind) to be self-sufficient wherever possible. My plan therefore today is to use my Alchemist Potion master to make provisions for everybody, to max a couple of people’s cookery skills and use that to redistribute raw materials, and set up the main players, ready to play.


What then happens is that as a character maxxes, all their supplies are sent down to another alt, so when they start their journey they are suitably prepared, and you recycle the existing items. This also gives me an opportunity to clear out bags and sell useless items prior to the massive big red Reset button of DOOM. I’d also at this point consider upgrading bags, but with the massive Transmog changes effectively freeing up bank space? This should be largely unnecessary this time around.


If what you haven’t done in game is proving too much for you to cope with, start with your characters. Preparing them, even if you only have one, is a good way to get yourself into the pre-Expansion patch mindset, and to give you a better idea of what needs doing moving forward. If all else fails, you might make a few pence from the stuff in their bags. After all, you never know what you might find in them…

4 thoughts on “LEGION :: Down to You

  1. I have a small stack of Augment Runestones which should carry me for a while early. I also have Drums of the Forgotten Kings which seem to be working in Beta, though I’d not bet any coppers on it.
    A stack of Goblin Gliders can help when exploring new territory!


  2. My experience on the Beta has proven that this is a very good idea. There are some quests where I have had to fight some pretty nasty enemies. Enemies that I would not have beaten if it weren’t sheer chance that I had healing potions on me.

    I know I’ll be making food and potions in the coming weeks, in preparation for Legion.

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  3. The tailored bag in Legion is a 24-slot “catch up” item, so even with the massive inventory cleanup coming, I decided to go ahead and get all my characters fully kitted out with Hexweave Bags (they currently have all Hexweave in their bank slots, but Royal Satchels in on-character inventory). I’ve got my three tailors working on that full time, but until that project is done, I won’t have fur to spare for bandages.Most of my characters are way way behind on First Aid, though. I used to be OCD about keeping up with First Aid on all my characters, but then I just got tired of it, and so for the past couple of expansions, it’s only been Kamalia who caps it.

    Healing pots, though, I could manage, because I still have a lot of lunkers to fish to get that Sea Calf pet…

    And unless I’m running around with one of my Mages, I usually carry a stack of food in current content (ie Tanaan) because I’m behind the gear curve. Thanks for the reminder to pick up some food before I head out to the Broken Isles!

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