We interrupt our normal scheduled Legion preparation to bring you an idea. Some of you, I know, are rather obsessed of late with a certain pet battle application on your mobiles. This is clearly not making any money for Activision Blizzard and therefore WILL NOT DO. As a result, I’ve had an idea to change that.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to Azeroth Go.


Yes, it’s Pet Battles on your Phone, but with a Twist. Instead of a Pokemon Go style map of your backyard, or downtown? You get a map of Azeroth instead, exactly as it is now in game.


The whole thing is reproduced as you know it now: every zone and every building. Battle Pets appear on the map exactly as they do in that other inferior game, and you catch them just as you do in Warcraft now, with traps. If you wanted to give it an Old Skool feel? Do it in a Warcraft 3 isometric stylee. People would love that retro thing, trust me.

Then you get to fight each other over your phones.


The thing that seems to be exciting tons of people is that you can use Pokemon to fight other people’s Pokemon in your part of the world, or all go and find the same pets together. I think what would make Azeroth Go a success is the ability to fight people wherever they are in the world. So, if you want to battle your friend in Singapore? This becomes the Warcraft title that takes the locks off regional issues and gives the WHOLE WORLD A CHANCE TO WARCRAFT TOGETHER. No longer are you restricted by barriers. Everyone can be a part of Azeroth AS ONE BIG FAMILY.

You can have Team Red and Team Blue too. YES YOU CAN ^^

I do realise there might be a few copyright and fair use issues inherent in this idea. I do understand people might consider this to be perhaps too close to the original. But mostly?



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